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ONE whole Cast Iron Woot! skillet?


Just one?

That’s not even worth wasting time over!

Yes, one of mine broke, and I need a replacement or 2



That’s all we had left. He was lonely sitting all by himself in the warehouse. There’s nothing worse that a crying skillet.

You should have held an auction for such a rare item…

Lodge isn’t that far away. Order more!

Or, better yet, order something DIFFERENT from Lodge. I’d LOVE a Dutch oven, or even a 3 inch spoon rest with a “!” on the bottom.

Seriously. that pizza pan looks SWEET! More sweet, with a “!” on the bottom. (Maybe, the 17 inch skillet, too.)


I would personally love to get the 12in Square Grill pan they have with a woot logo added onto the bottom of it. It is the best thing I have found to cook up some crispy bacon on. I can even throw up a link for you


This must be all of the items that in the past were B_O_C items.

AAAWWWWW I want one!! Seriously, I want one! Anybody out their want to part with theirs? Woot Warehouse…can you spare another!!!

Me too, bummed I never got one ordered and now I see this sale had them and figure I better get it ordered. See it was sold out, check the comments and end up more disappointed that there was only one.

Bring back the cast iron skillet! I want one with the Woot logo SO BAD!

OK, you have a BUNCH of stuff for sale here. All the conversation seems to be on a single chunk of cast iron.

Can someone see the writing on the wall here?

Do we need to use smaller words?

Paint pictures?

You’ve got a customer base calling for a niche to be filled. Care to fill it?

I work in retail. With a demand like this, I’d try to fill it.

Woot!?, ball is in your court. S#it or get off the pot. (Make sure it’s not the pot I get!)

I’ve got a “!” 12 inch Lodge skillet. I wouldn’t mind another. But, I’d like some DIFFERENT Lodge “!” cast iron stuff, too.

(Oh, if you turn them upside down, you get an “i”)


Man, we paid $30 for ours a few months back and were all excited. It’s been awesome (we use it for steaks), but geez…