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Avoid this POJ

Woot service:

Just now (8/20 16:45) received Woot order xxxxxxx for a UMA 73495 Wood Book Cabinet. It arrived nearly destroyed, as the attached picture shows. (If I could display it.)

The packaging had holes in several places. I don’t blame UPS for this, as the remaining cardboard is rotted. It crumbles at a touch.

One leg of the cabinet is missing, torn off from the particleboard base. And the cabinet has fallen apart, probably because no glue was used in its construction. Rather, the manufacturer tried to hold it together with a few staples…

I will return it if you wish. But this will require new packaging. Please advise if you want it back.

@wallyennis: Ugh. Sorry for the shipping disaster. CS will take care of you.

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The height measurement is listed but can anyone tell me how wide it is?

helloooo? I can’t buy this until I know the width.

Ooops, sorry. It was hard to keep up with things with the woot-offs. Asking now.

ok…thank you.

Any word yet?

None yet. We didn’t get a sample for that so we have to ask the vendor. Must be a slow responding vendor… and now the weekend. Sorry. :frowning:

Update: so we have the box dimensions:

18.30 x 1.38 x 13.19

The Width is 18.3 so without the packaging the width is probably about 17”  Hopefully this helps.

Yes that’s a big help…thank you!