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Y’all, not ya’ll!

I thought y’all were Texans. Real Texans know how to spell “y’all.”

“Y’all” is singular. “All y’all” is plural.

Well, to help y’all out, whatever is leftover after Sept. 16th, I’ll take off your hands. Let me know and I’ll mail you my address. I’ll even pay the $5 shipping fee.

I see your $5 shipping, and I raise you 10.

i’d love to get more details about the book cabinet if someone owns it–pictures of the side with the drawers would be especially helpful. thanks!

The dimensions are right in the specs. It is smaller than you probably think. Likely much smaller. It’ll probably only hold about 6 decent-sized books.

What happened to the numbers on the UMA 52721 Wood Wall Clock? Half the numbers are straight up and down, the other half are positioned pointing to the center. Easy example, 3 is straight up and down, but the 9 is on it’s side.

Was the manufacturer drunk when putting the numbers on? Is this by design? Are all the clocks designed this way?

I was going to add it to my cart…but forgetaboutit.