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I know they’ve been on here a lot but this is really the first time I’ve been interested in the Leak Frogs. Anyone used them and had them actually notify them of a leak? I’d love a good success story to cement the purchase.

I am also interested in the Leak Frogs. However, I recall them being $12.99 for a two-pack vs $15 now.

I have 4 of them , they work well and did alert on a couple of occasions.

Are they reusable?

Yes, they are reusable. Dry them thoroughly, keep a check on the batteries (there is a test button you push once a month) and you should be good to go.
YAY! Leak Frogs!

I can also confirm that leak frogs work. There are two metal plates at the base. If enough water is around, it creates a circuit and they go off.

As a note, they do not sound like frogs as I had hoped.

Does anyone have any comments on the Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight? I’m wondering how good they actually are. I only need to illuminate a 1 car garage outdoor area.

I have 3 on the eave of my roof for the backyard. They do a decent job at filling the entire back yard with moderate light. Since we let the dogs out ~2-3 times a night the batteries last about 4 months. I am pleased with them.

I have them and yes I’ve been notified of a leak from my furnace in the basement. Could hear the alarm upstairs. I think they’re great and give them as gifts. Just remember to change the batteries when you change the ones in your smoke detectors.

I don’t normally comment but I was going to buy 3 of te Mr. Beams wireless LED spotlights and just as I was about to checkout, I went over to amazon for a second.

If you want 3 of them and have amazon Prime, GO THERE!

3 spotlights + shipping(Get it by Monday) for woot = $78.

3 spotlights + shipping(Get it by Monday) for Amazon = $50.

Sorry Woot, not this time!


Ehhhhhhh. Your math is a bit off.

If you order 3 from Woot (including tax and shipping), it comes out to $63.38

An order of 3 from Amazon (with Prime/shipping and tax included) is $65.10

Ah…leak frogs. Puts me in a nostalgic frame of mind, remembering the days when there was just ONE Woot. One good, quirky, funky, fun Woot. A Woot that actually had funny product descriptions because there was only one per day that needed to be written. A Woot in which Leak Frogs and Sansa MP3 players ruled. That was the Woot I knew and loved. Not the overblown, multi-tentacled ever-expanding monstrosity that Woot has become, post-Amazon.

Just saying.

Amazon has a 3-pack for $49.99, so his math is correct.


i found this correct also…and amazon prime…love amazon prime…free 2 day shipping,and free movies and tv shows… also many kindle books are free… wow…and everything is guaranteed…sometimes with woot it can be 3 weeks till you receive a package. just my observations.

Amazon Prime is awesome, but I must admit that Woot is shipping/delivering MUCH faster than they used to.

Really really like our leak frogs. The first time I heard it I didn’t realize what it was for awhile–thought it was watch alarm going off somewhere in the house–but it kept getting louder. So I went to check it out and it was the water heater in the basement. I had been on the second floor. Saved me a major mess that time. The second time we were in the living room and heard it in the kitchen and checked as soon as it started–a pipe had come loose under the sink while the dishwasher was running. Again, saved a major mess. So yes, I highly recommend these!

I will vouch for the Leak Frogs. They just saved us from the recent storm in the East. We got water in the basement, but we knew when it started coming in right away and could contain it. Love, love LOVE them!! Invaluable gadget worth every penny.

We have 6 of them throughout the house; kitchen sink, washer, soft water tank, hot water tank, sump pump and somewhere else that I can’t remember right now.

Anyway, I’ve had them go off twice, really saved me on one of the occasions. The first time one went off is when the washer leaked…still never found out where it came from, that one wasn’t a big deal.

Second time they saved me was a big one. The flooding Chicago had in April…My wife heard them at 1 am in the morning. The sump and water softner leak frogs were going off. It woke her up, two floors up. I heard them when she woke me. Anyway, she said she heard it for about 10-minutes before waking me, as she didn’t know what it was…I did as soon as I heard it. Went running to the basement, and sure enough, the sump float was stuck down and it overflowed. Water traveled down the wall (basement is finished) under the baseboard and drywall to the storage room where the water softner is. Anyway, long story short, those leak frogs saved me from probably $5-10k of damage in the basement. I had the mess cleaned up in about 2 hours and had to only get rid of about a 6ft x 15 piece of carpet pad. The torrential rain continued into the late morning hours, so if we didn’t have the leak frogs, I would have easily had a foot or so plus in my basement like my neighbors.


I, too, can vouch for Leak Frogs. As long as you position them where the water will end up being, you’re gold. They have saved me twice, and I am in for 2 more so they can save me in more locations. I’ve even given them as gifts to relatives who love them as well.