Home Garage Sale

FYI, on the stats page for the 600 thread count FULL sized sheets, you have the stats for a Queen size.

Thanks! I’ll let the team know.

UPDATE: Fixed!

I’ll give you $2.50 for the Aqua and Tan towel set…

This is a garage sale right? That’s how these things work…

What are the dimensions of the electric fireplace?


LWH: 23.6″ x 10.6″ x 19.2″
37 lbs.

How are the queen sheets $60 and the king $17? Am I missing something here?

Never mind just realized

I bought 3 sets of the Egyptian cotton towels a couple of weeks ago. They are very nice towels! Buying more today. :slight_smile:

Any photos of the Rubbermaid Retrofit shelving actually being used with wire shelving?