Home Garage Sale!

Noticed there isn’t an ingredient list for the “Tricky Dix” so I went to their website and dug this up:

Get your hands on the original Tricky Dix Mojo. This tin is the perfect size for using Tricky Dix as a drink rimmer. Or keep it by your spices and use a bit as a meat rub. It’s your choice! 19 ingredients featuring garlic, onion, cumin, and mild chilis.

Drink rimmer…hmmm…

Damn, I’ve been waiting for a LockandLock deal and missed it.

Tricky Dix Mojo Original is your one stop spice wonder! This one pond tub of all spice is great on everything you would use salt on, Use it on your vegetables, meats, fish and pasta, Once you try the Origianl, you will not be able to live without it!

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Odd how the Pyrex sets had the same first and last wooter and only one state - so I guess they only had ONE set available. Seems like a crappy ploy to make the wooter want to “CHECK BACK OFTEN” LOL - thinking they might get a great deal. In fact most of the sold out stuff shows only one wooter. You have a better shot at winning a chance to buy a BOC!!!

Louis Comfort Tiffany is rolling over in his grave…

It was sitting all by itself in the warehouse and in desperate need of a loving home.

The Chantal Electric Water Kettle is great! I own it in the Stainless Steel finish. It is very reliable and the stainless steel finish looks like new even after 3 months of everyday use.

I missed Core Bamboo Pinstripe Set…
Dear Woot, I so need it

I’ve seen Core fairly regularly. Keep an eye out, I don’t think this will be that last time we see these or a similar set.

Well, in THAT case, I guess it’s OK. We all need a loving home…