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Come on Woot, just send the Wireless-G adapters to a museum already. They’re not worth the cost to ship them.

yeah and no ac anything?
also most of this is 10/100 not 10/100/1000
this is beginning to feel like it’s 2007

This will be perfect for my 56kbps modem. 10/100 is coming back in a big way. I think they should bundle this with their magnet power bracelets.

AC hasn’t been out long enough for Woot to get cheap/bulk refurbished routers yet…

Those wireless USB adapters are great when your integrated wifi card decides to stop working.

Am I missing something? The dual Buffalo boxes seem like a really great deal. They are AC compatible. I am considering picking them up so if you have any thoughts on the contrary, any words of advice would be greatly appreciated.

They’re quite good. I’d get em if I needed a bridge but I can’t see that happening in the near future.

Dlink routers suck. All 3 of these have bad reviews from CNET.com and pcmag.com. every single Dlink router I’ve had crashes under any kind of load. Wbr2310 (not sold here) was bad when new and people actually downgraded the firmware to make it work better. Their products are crap. Stay away from anything Dlink. Buy a linksys and you’ll never go back. I bought one over a year ago at best buy and it has NEVER crashed or needed a reboot. Dlink routers need rebooting at least once a day. Woot, do us good customers a favor and don’t sell Dlink products. And if your are wondering, I have no affiliation with linksys or any other router mfg. But, I have many years of computer experience (20+)

Is the Revision number of the D-Link DIR-615 Wireless N 300 Router avaliable?

Remember when those Netgear USB wireless adaptors were included in every woot-off? Usually right after the Roombas and Leakfrogs.

Oh how I miss the old Woot.

Better question yet - why bother for a refurb here at Woot when a new one PLUS a dongle (that’s NOT completely outdated :)) can be had for $20 @ Newegg? The one here is practically $20 already because of shipping …

New, your odds are better to have one that’s DD-WRT compatible. It’ll be a big crapshoot here, not to mention no returns if you get one you cannot flash.

I just put an order here at Woot, but an older model router of indeterminate usability (by manufacturer’s own firmware) at a not-so-great-price wasn’t one of those items.

ROFLMAO! Thanks for the laugh!

mikezambrano, I very much agree. Reviews on Newegg for all three are also mediocre at best, convincing me to pass on these three. One shouldn’t have to flash DD-WRT and risk bricking to get a router to work!

I’m glad I checked here! I was thinking about getting a cheap backup router in case the one we’ve got gives up the ghost before Mr. Tech gets back from deployment, but now I’m thinking I’ll look somewhere else!

(Technically, we have a backup router already, but it’s one that, for whatever reason, has blindingly fast wifi but slowass wired. I’d rather not use it, since a desktop is what I use most.)(I have no idea why Mr. Tech got it.)

Couldn’t I just use the Wireless N 300 Gigabit Router as a wired desktop gigabit switch? Just turn off the radio?

Probably, but that means it’s $13 + shipping for essentially a 4 port switch. Hardly a deal when a new 5-port switch (with a 2 year warranty) can be had from Newegg for $15 with free shipping.

(Current sale.)

That’s if the option even exists; it’s only certain versions of the 615 in which DD-WRT applies.

I bit the bullet on the 651. Anyone know if it’s compatible with DD-WRT?

Even if it isn’t, I am hoping this will fit my needs. My server (with a 4-port gigabit NIC) acts as my router, so I only need this to run the wireless portion of my network.

Alas, it’s the wireless portion that isn’t so stable with these routers …