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I got the buffalo dual bridge last time and have been supremely happy with them. The UI for the devices leaves something to be desired, and the router does some port probing when you connect to it (which might kick off your IPS), but those two faults are pretty minor compared to the throughput over the bridge and the broad wireless spectrum. The devices are pretty configurable too. I’d give them an A-.

The Buffalo units are among the best value in 802.11ac routers right now, and you can get DD-WRT on it now to boot.

The Buffalo 802.11ac routers look fantastic, but aren’t there only a few devices that can use the new standard? What’s the advantage of getting this now when the computers, phone, and TV are all running on the n standard? I don’t know much about the technology of routers, other than the basic concept that the router runs a two way wireless connection to one or multiple devices simultaneously.

Future-proofing. Yeah only a few devices have it now, but the same thing happened with N.

But if you wait, the prices will come down. So unless you have an ac device already or if you need a new router currently its probably better to wait