Home Odds and Ends under $10

Why is this in the under 10 dollars bin???

Limit 3 per customer on curtains? How many people hang up 3 curtains? You think it would be an even number since they typically are used in pairs.

Sorry, they forgot to update it from the default. Check back in a bit and it should be up to 4.

UPDATE: They’re raising the limit to 6. Should be fixed momentarily. Thanks for the call out.

Hi. What are you look at?

Think they were looking at the Miyabi knife and the Waring wine chiller…just a TAD more than $10…

Ahhhhhhhh. Just a bit over. Yep, they are indeed.

I’ll let the team know. Thanks for the help!

I own the Elie Krieger So Easy cookbook. It’s very good. I use it at least monthly, but I’ve had it for years. When I first got it, it was weekly, at least. For seven bucks, you can’t go wrong.

Sorry to be difficult but there are two offers for curtains - “84” Faux Silk Single Window Panel-4 Colors" and “Hamilton Woven Grommet Panel, 55x84 - 4 Colors” that are still limited to 3 panels. I’m interested in one of these. Can we double check and see if the limit can be raised on these, too, please? Thanks

Whoops, looks like they were missed. Fixed now.

The ice trays [anchors and the somehow sold out owls (everyone really loves owls these days, eh?)] are both $9 and Prime eligible on Amazon…thought this was a bargain bin?

Hook us up with some real deals better than your own parent company Woot!

Thanks, TT - much obliged.