Home of the Brave

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Home of the Brave
Price: $7 - 16
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $8 Ground OR $9 Two-Day OR $10 One-Day OR $10 Standard International
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Jun 20 to Wednesday, Jun 21) + transit
Condition: New


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Nice work Blair!

I can’t help but notice the conspicuous lack of “the land of the free”… just sayin’ is all.

As usual, pay attention to the sizing charts!

Unsure about the differences between the standard and premium blanks? The shirt.woot discussion thread is linked in my .sig.

end nationalism already…

how do i order 1 of one size and 1 of another size?

Select everything and click Add to Cart.

what’s your beef with arbitrary political boundaries that you happen to be living within, man?

Currently, the marketers are cashing in on the red, white and blue craze.

I’ve seen “patriotic” RWB Mike & Ike candy, and RWB tooth-brushes (made in USA of imported parts).

Be on the lookout for more. Maybe a RWB Dyson?

Manufactured In: Honduras/Nicaragua,
USA, Central America, Vietnam or Bangladesh.

The AA shirts of yore would no longer going to be USA made.

From the shirt.woot blog post/discussion:

So far, the Canvas shirts I’ve purchased from shirt.woot were Central America assembled of US Components (fabric and thread would be US sourced) or fully made in USA. That’s still a plus over the lower priced Anvil which the fabric and threads are wholly made elsewhere.

Is there really white piping on the arm/neck holes on the unisex tank?

I asked that very question myself in preparation for a wooter like you asking. YES! Piping is included.

Why stop there? Why not end planetism? We wouldn’t want to offend our brothers/sisters/others from Andromeda, now would we?

estimated delivery: july 5. perfect. lol

My experience with shirts is that it gets from Texas to SoCal within 7 days via standard shipping.

The fastest I’ve had any shirt arrive via standard shipping was in 3 days, along with some more in 4 days. The majority were 5-7 days.