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I picked up the Linksys EA3500 last time, to upgrade my older Linksys. Blah blah long story… save your money.

The EA3500 uses a super-bloated javascript menu system with fewer features than the older setup, and which runs sslloowwllyy… After the being a total pita to configure, it starts off with mediocre coverage, slows down randomly, has one or both of the channels drop at least once a day, and locks up in the middle of loading the admin interface when you’re trying to figure out why it doesn’t work.

I tossed it in the trash and picked up a E3000 from Goodwill for five bucks. Much happier.

This is a comment on the AOC 27" IPS Monitor (Model #: I2757FH).

BestBuy.com currently has this monitor brand new for sale at $269.99 with free shipping. Check it out here.

I’m not sure if the $40 cheaper is worth the factory reconditioned product.

Just saying.

I bought the AOC 27" monitor about a year ago on here and I love it. If I had the money I would buy another one today to use as a second monitor. When I got it, it was in the retail box and looked new. I think it is worth picking up.

I have this same printer (HP Photosmart 5520 Wireless) and love it. I think I paid $60 for mine, but it was on clearance at Target. The price was normally $130.

The wireless works well. We can easily connect from any computer in the house or send an item to the printer from cell phones or iPads. My husband even uses it with his work computer since it’s easier than worrying with his bigger printer that tends to eat paper or run into other errors frequently.

A brand new AOC E1649FWU USB 16" monitor is just $10 more on Amazon and it qualifies for Prime shipping. It looks to me like the Woot offering is not a good value.

Will the USB powered monitor work with an android phone? I have a Droid Maxx HD.

Is the Razer keyboard worth the money even if you are not much of a gamer anymore? I really want (but do not need) a backlit keyboard. Is there a better option for the casual gamer who just wants a pretty light up keyboard?

I can’t imagine working on a 17" (or less) monitor… just saying. That 27" on the other hand excites me in all the wrong ways.

I would go with the Logitech K740 backlit keyboard. On Amazon for $57 and Prime. Or you could get the K800. It’s wireless to boot! I have been using that one for over a year now and its very nice.

My sentiments exactly… I was going to post this earlier. I replaced an earlier Razr keyboard with a k740 and felt it a MUCH better keyboard.


how is the air buffalo?

Overview video from Newegg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N7qZ5tttmY 4 out 5 eggs with 4 reviews

for the Innergie mCube Slim 95 Compact 95W Universal Adapter for Laptop, Netbook, Tablet PC & Portable Devices.
my laptops power supply is a 65W that outputs 20v 3.25A. Would I be able to use this power supply even though its 95w that outputs 19V DC, 4.47A? I assume not given that none of the numbers seem to be matching up but I’m not sure which are the important ones to check and would like a second power supply I can leave at work.

I got two of these when they were offered here last October, and they’re fantastic. “Factory reconditioned” is generally better than “refurbished”, and you’re basically getting a new monitor. I am probably going to pick up two more today for another location.

Also, Best Buy is selling these for $299.00 at the link you provided. $70.00 cheaper for a product that is effectively brand new is a good deal, IMO.

The 16" monitor is a portable monitor and designed to be used as a second monitor with a notebook. I have a Lenovo one that is worth every penny I paid for it- having the ability to do two displays on the road as well as when I’m home is a huge bonus and I can’t believe how long I went without one.