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These mesh harnesses are not going to be good for your dog. The way those straps go right in the “armpit” will wind up chafing the crap out of your dog’s skin, and you’ll wind up inflicting a lot of pain and discomfort on your best friend.

This pack is $19.99 on Amazon. Kinda sad when the normal site is cheaper than the discount site. http://www.amazon.com/Pet-Life-Dupont-Everest-Backpack/dp/B008F1P196

Why has Amazon crippled Woot?

Interesting that the blue one on Amazon is $36-39 though. All depends on what color you want, I guess.

What volume of water can that fish tank hold?

They hold 1/3 of a gallon. Bettas need at least 1 gallon in tank size. These “fish tanks” are only suitable for brine shrimp or baby fish that will be transferred to suitable tanks upon growth. Please see prior comments from when these were sold last time on Woot, and don’t put a fish in 'em!

I thought it looked a little small. Looks like a great novelty for robot fish, but not putting my guy in there :).

Wouldn’t be a problem for my dog as the large would only just fit around his neck. With the straps looped over his ears? Maybe a chin purse?

The dog beds are priced very well. The only place you can find them the same or cheaper for a ccompatible bed is Costco.

Costco’s selection varies store to store so YMMV.

We ordered 3, one is a gift and the others are for our furry family after buying assorted others from W000T that very recently arrived and are a bit large so they’ll be in the family room. This size will go right next to our bed in this size (2) w/ plenty of room so we don’t trip over them for 2 dogs in our master bedroom.

Read the measurements to be sure you get the right size for your dog.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m glad you made this clear. These tanks are WAY TOO SMALL for gold fish, also.

I work in a pet store, and it drives me nuts that people think any fish can survive in something like this.

The tank would be suitable for some shrimp, though.

Yes! A couple cherry red or crystal red shrimp and some driftwood/moss would be pretty awesome in that little tank!

But please no fish in there, aside from maybe a [very] temporary home for fry.

The pet life vest all run extremely SMALL. I got a large and a medium and they are both the same exact size and barely fit my 5 pound Pomeranian. The straps can be crossed so not chafe but won’t fit anything bigger than I TINY dog