Home Security Camera

Home Security Camera

I never know if the reviews’ poor English and grammar is due to the US education system, English as a second language or falsities from the home country. The one one star review claimed Woot as the seller. Any other Wooters have any experience in the claimed problems of connectivity and battery life?

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Wyze Cam V3 1080p HD Indoor/Outdoor Video Security Camera with Color Night Vision and 2-Way Audio - White


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I thought WOOT would be competitive with it’s special deals!?

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That’s a different brand.

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My apologies you are Correct!
But, I can’t find anything on the company VENZ besides EBay and Amazon?
If someone is interested in making their home secure…they might want to know more about the company and who has access to this type of equipment. Just food for thought. :thinking::thought_balloon::woman_shrugging:t2:

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Login | InCareer.

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Thank you for the information!

Alibaba is China’s — and by some measures, the world’s — biggest online commerce company. … Alibaba handles more business than any other e-commerce company.

I definitely don’t feel safe giving a China :cn: based company access to my family’s safety.
I think their recent approach with cyber security breaches is very alarming! I rather support and put my trust in an American :us: based company!
To each their own…different strokes for different folks. :wink:[poll type=multiple results=always chartType=bar]

  • If a Smart device security company (VENZ) is based in :cn: China…would that change your mind on purchasing?
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From that “Information” box you posted:
“We owns 15 production lines and 1000 experienced workers.”

I scanned the company’s advertising about itself & this line is all my eyes
landed on. They *own" 1000 workers.
China. Who knew?

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When perusing the 'net for anything, I’ll see the name, “Alibaba” in the listings a lot.
For whatever reason, my “spidey sense” would kick in and I’d go to the next listing.
Say! Looks as if I might have good sense after all!

Bears repeating - In print, their ad - We owns 15 production lines and 1000 experienced workers. They “owns” 1000 workers. Typo? Your call.

:exploding_head: That’s :rotating_light: Alarming! :grimacing: Pun intended! :rofl:

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Disconnect =Safety

Do you realize that means you should not shop at Amazon, that other “W” place whose name must not be spoken and Woot for most electronic devices? Do you know where our Alexa devices, Apple iPads, and most phones are made? Same place. Your router and modem were made there too.

Does it mean that it is a security risk? Hopefully not. There is more scrutiny of brand names so back door breaches tend to get caught. Companies like Huawei and Hikvision - both have bans by the US government and some take notice - but not always since they are carried by Woot.

I kind of doubt we are all joining the Amish any time soon. And Google and Amazon keep tabs on us down to what stores we visit and what webpages we see.

Unfamiliar brand X? Maybe check a bit. Yes, you can buy such things. If you do sensitive work, do consider putting it on a separate or guest router that does not process anything secure unlike some US corporations which have had inexplicable, almost inexcusable IT breaches.

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We lack the skilled workforce to make these. Don’t kid yourself that this is going to change next year or 5 years from now. It will take parents insisting their kids learn 6+ days a week instead of saying they don’t want to deprive their kids of a childhood. Those who innovate in consumer design and manufacturing do not think that way and do not care if we fall behind and can’t get up.

Parents around the world want their kids to succeed and have a livelihood. They don’t know what we choose to do.

Understand the problem is us. Not them.

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You left out Roomba floor cleaners, which transmit your home’s floor plans to its home base via wireless. If not for national news, I’d never have suspected a vacuum of spying, yet …

Cable TV - while we’re watching it, they’re watching us, don’t ya know?

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I recommend not being too paranoid. If we do not use 2 factor authentication for important access issues, then we are a bigger program than thinking some company wants to peek at our Woot babbling.

And if you do not trust them to make it, you won’t have nice stuff because kids graduating from local highschools don’t have the requisite skills. They really don’t and won’t work 10 hour days and like the money.

Parents did this to them.

@intrepid01 @buy4me @DarnWootin
maybe you all were onto something


Yep. Paranoia has its place and purpose.
Problem is, one doesn’t know which “gizmo” will be exposed next, so paranoia comes back around. Vicious circle!
Thanks for this!

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