Home Source 100% Super Fine MicroCotton Bedding

The Sam’s where I’m from has 600 thread count for $75. Does the “Super Fine” cotton feel better even though its a lower thread count than normal cotton?

Am I the only person who ABHORS a top sheet?? All I require is a fitted sheet and an assortment of blankets.

Would never pay this much for a single set of sheets. No deal here Woot

I’m right there with you. A nice, high threat count sheet on the mattress, and a nice soft cover for my duvet and I’m out for the count!

Just wait until you sleep on a good pair and not some jersey cotton crap. You’ll never want to sleep on anything else again

Maybe. I probably sleep without the aid of blankets nearly 90% of the time. I’ll just slide under the top sheet and let the A/C or heat take care of that pestering temperature problem.

I wish I could sleep without a top sheet, though. For some reason, I’m not able to doze off unless I’m under some sort of cover.

For anyone who is curious, “Microcotton” is the name of a proprietary process that makes it really soft, but it is not lint free and is by no means a substitute for anything you would use microfiber for. Though cutting them up for rags at this price seems a little wasteful

Stools yesterday…

Sheets today…

Home.woot obviously has an odd fecal obsession…

We have some bamboo sheets that I suspect are rayon, but are very comfortable. Does this compare? I know there is a difference between cotton and bambrayon, but are these a softer feel? I’m leery due to the thread count.

The price seems reasonable, about what I’d expect for a quality sheet set.

There’s an AMazon reseller selling them for over $200 but I can’t find any reviews.

My wife bought a set of these and they are a total waste of money! Save your money.

Would it be rude to ask what Third World country these are made in (based on my past purchase of sheets, I’m sorry to say).

Can’t speak for the quality, but this is a significant savings from retail price.

From a quick Google Shopping search, it looks like these go for about $200-$290, depending on which set woot is selling.

Ditto on the thread count comments. I used to think paying more than $30 for a bedding set was a waste, which relegated me to the 300tc realm and I never bought anything better until recently. Picked up a 750tc set at a bed & bath store, discounted to about the same cost as this woot. There’s a pretty substantial difference in feel and comfort with the higher tc sheets. Personally, I don’t see the justification on this woot-relatively low thread count but high price. You can get 300tc sheets at walmart for under $40, so I don’t know what makes these worth the price.

can someone tell me what “mist” is? The pictures here leave a lot to be desired. would hate to order green and get blue.

Can we get more information on why?

what is the MSRP for this set?

mist is blue.

I think this is better than the thread counts suggests because it uses a higher quality thread.

eHow has a page classifying microcotton, supima & tenecel as premium options and explains the difference between them:

This seems to be the key section -
MicroCotton dries quickly and produces little lint…[It] makes super-soft, super-absorbent fabric, absorbing at a rate of 250 percent more than cotton. Originally developed for towel manufacture, the same threads produce a fabric of high luster, drapeability and durability when woven into bed linen.

Still not sure if it is worth it though…