Home Source Bamboo Bed and Bath

Which do you prefer - bamboo, or cotton? (And does anyone know how warm those blankets are?)

Last time these were offered we got the sheets and a coverlet. They feel REALLY nice. Awesome sheets, and a great price.

They’re warm enough that you don’t need a bunch of blankets in the summer, but they’re cool enough that you won’t roast either.

I’ll check with the wife, but we may go in for another sheet set.

Excellent info! I’m currently eyeing the blanket to have for guests that might need to crash. :slight_smile:

I have some Revere Bamboo towels and the Home Source Micro cotton. Both are equally soft. The bamboo has kept it’s softness over time. I can’t comment about the micro cotton because my kids stole them and won’t give them back! The only problem I have with the bamboo is that when they are wet, they smell weird. Grassy maybe? They take longer to dry than my other towels, which only contribute to the lingering smell. I prefer not to use them even though they are the softest towels I’ve ever had.

No twin sized sheets? I could really use those!

We have bamboo sheets and pillow cases. I will never go back. they are silky yet soft.

Love my bamboo sheets. They do get really wrinkly, but they’re so so soft.

No doubt! Me too.

Got the sheets & blanket last time the were on woot & I LOVE them! They are so silky & soft!

Anyone know if these are deep fitting sheets?

The item description says, “Elastic goes all the way around the fitted sheet to fit high loft mattresses, up to 22 inches.”

I know this seems crazy, but there are one or two of us who actually own California King sized beds! Woot, if you ever, you know, should run across any bedding that size…anything at all…I pretty much buy it no matter what it looks like at this point, as long as it’s a good deal. I’d love bamboo sheets. I have a bamboo t-shirt and I love it.

Huh … looking at the specs:
100% Rayon from Bamboo (sheets)
25% Rayon from Bamboo / 75% Cotton (towels)

But wait, it says “Rayon from bamboo!” What does that mean??

Google to the rescue!

and look what I found:

Although the process of farming bamboo and the fact that it grows so quickly are typically sustainable, it must undergo treatment using harsh and often toxic chemicals in order to be made into a wearable fiber. The resulting product is one that you’ve probably heard of before – Rayon, a fiber that can be made from the cellulose of any plant or tree.

And that was from a favorable article.

So, if you think it’s worth the money for good old synthetic rayon made from bamboo-sourced cellulose, go for it. But the sustainable-green vibe here seems decidedly weaker than what you’d be getting from, say, hemp fabric.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how much processing is needed to turn that wonderful funky bamboo into that nasty synthetic rayon stuff, Wikipedia is helpful.

Let’s just say I don’t think you’ll have to worry about any roving panda bears eating your sheets and towels.

Oh, and I hate to say it, but the Wootbot haiku is lying to you, too: later on in my first link, it also tells us this:

“The FTC points out that the chemical processing used to make Rayon eliminates any of bamboo’s antimicrobial properties.”

(That’s the Federal Trade Commission, which regulates commercial claims about products).

YOU’RE the reason sheets say “may use a warm iron” on the tag!!
I never really understood why anyone would care if sheets are wrinked, since my eyes are usually tightly shut when mine are being used. Heck, I won’t usually even iron my clothes! (In dire emergencies or something, sure I can pick up the iron…) But, not ever for sheets!

i can sleep soundly at last!