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So much easier on the eyes! And the wallet.


5350 thread count…someone got a little excited with the number “5” at the beginning there…


Maybe it’s the complete thread count? Got a chuckle out of it.


With these I’ll be able to keep my creepy bird statues safe and comfy!


Is this a cover only? I thought a duvet was filled with down feathers? This looks flat.


In that case I’d be much more impressed with a thread count of 1. I mean, come on, show some hustle.


A duvet is empty. It is like a giant pillow case for your existing comforter. Rahter than replace your cuurent comforter, you just slide it into the duvet and Presto! New comforter. It’s a good idea, saves time, money and resources.


Too bad no one can buy any …the count is still at 100% (errors, errors everywhere but not a drop to drink!)…okay weird…went from 100% to sold out. grrrrr


Can’t order, server errors and it’s not even a bed of cotton.


White or ivory - bleh

I don’t want my bedroom to look like a hospital room.


Yes, it should be titled a Duvet Cover and Pillow Sham Set.
I suppose you could sleep under just the cover without a comforter inside of it during the summer months :slight_smile:
You are correct in that a duvet cover generally covers a down comforter. Washing a big down comforter is difficult and makes it lumpy if not done correctly. A duvet cover allows you to only need to wash the duvet cover and not the comforter inside.