Home Source Microcotton Towel Set - 2 Pack

Ummm…nice towels?

home.woot :smiley:

It’s Sooo Fluffeh! I’m gonna die!

over 20 bucks a towel is a little much for me. Sorry home.woot, no sale for me yet.

Home.woot? Oh what the!

Dollar General = $5 per towel. Unless you want to dry your wet bum in gold then go for the home.woot today.

Hey homes!

5 star hotel quality. I seem to have problems with getting fuzzies stuck to me after. Not with these!

I don’t even particularly want the towels, though I need some. No doubt my girlfriend will claim I bought the wrong colour. Dubious edit given that ppl didn’t catch my sarcasm at trying to salvage my man card by admitting I bought towels, something something something :P.

$40 for 2 towels. Not much of a deal.

When will they come out with “Mail_Order_Bride.woot”?

Are these the comfy after washing a couple times kind of towels; or are these the get scratchy after a few washes kind of towels?

sorry read that wrong. It appears it is a towel set. so 6 towel type item for 40 bucks. still not quite the deal I am looking for.

Actually, it’s $40 for 6 towels, and they’re softer and plusher than what most of us steal from Motel 6. It’s actually a pretty good price. Take it from someone who’s girlfriend once blew almost 300 dollars on towels last time we went shopping for them, and we didn’t end up with that many - especially given how many of them were purely for “decoration”.

Well technically, it’s 2 sets: bath, hand, and wash cloth.

Except that the first ever home.woot item was yesterday.

You know this is the second home.woot item right?

Yikes! $40 for 2 towels? I am way too stingy for that! Even if they are microfiber whatever.

I’ll stick with $2 Walmart towels. That way, they’re replaceable if/when my cats chew holes in them.

Such elegant colours–they sound like the names of Disney characters until you get to the last one (which sounds like something Walt would’ve called himself:
Willow, Ivory, Espresso, Hemp, Wheat, Latte, Aqua, and…White