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How do you select the size for the 380TC Percale Sheet Set?

Hmmmm. Good question. I’m asking to see if we’re missing the dropdown or if only one size is available. I’ll update this post when I have an update.

UPDATE: Only full size sheets are available. The sale will be updated shortly.

With these tube pasta cookers, it’s a good idea to stick to pastas that don’t need much time in boiling water. A whole wheat spaghetti that needs 11 minutes isn’t likely to reach a tender finishing point, but an angel hair that needs 3 minutes should be fine.

I wonder if this mug was named after the wickedly talented, one and only, Adele Dazeem.

While I understand Woot’s position (some might say “cop-out”) regarding published MSRPs, some times they just don’t jibe regardless. Case in point: the 12-inch Acaciaware plates. How can they each have an MSRP of $72 when the provider, Pacific Merchants, lists them at $68.95 for a set of four?

I’m guessing that MSRP was supposed to be for a 4-pack and not a single plate. The reason you’re seeing the 68.95 price for the 4-pack is probably because Pacific Merchants has them on sale. (less than their own suggested retail price)

How many inches deep is the pie plate?

thank you

Just got the info. 2.5" deep.