Home Style Cordless Bug Zapper

<<<<<<<<< AHEM.>>>>>>>>

Really? Quincy here.

What did I do to you? Or woot for that matter?

"Ultra Violet bulb attracts flying insects "
You need 3 of them. One each for the neighbors either side and behind you.

This is great to keep those pesky bugs from joining your outdoor party. Just remember to keep the trap clean.

These are really nice looking :slight_smile: I don’t really have a use for it, though, since I live on the 9th floor of an apartment complex.

A good bug zapper and a 12-pack can keep you entertained all night

Measures approximately 11 4/5" H x 6 3/5" in diameter.

source: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&WRN=-2&MC=1&SKU=15817321&RN=858

How Bug Zappers Work.

Thanks, I can count on your vote in November?

Hoping someone actually has one of these who can give me a review. Want one to hang outside the camper on the beach, but don’t want a peice o crap (unless it comes in a BOC). Lets make woot 102 a good one!

Bug zappers can turn bug intestines into a convenient aerosol form so that you can breathe them instead of being annoyed by them. If you do get one, make sure you keep it away from any place people go.

These things don’t work on mosquitoes. You need a carbon dioxide source to attract them. But, you may get a meal’s worth of moths!

Woot! Have you looked at the weather report for Montana?

Tonight: Scattered rain showers before 11pm, then snow showers. Low around 31. South southeast wind between 7 and 14 mph, with gusts as high as 21 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. Total nighttime snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.

Thursday: Snow. High near 38. East wind between 5 and 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New snow accumulation of 2 to 4 inches possible.

Thursday Night: Snow, mainly before 11pm. Low around 18. Southwest wind between 5 and 7 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of 1 to 3 inches possible.

I think not.

Will this work in India 220v system? Or can one use a Transformer to make it work?

Well, I get up at 6:10 am, and then I get ready and go to work in my ford ranger.

Now once at work I clock in, then go to my saw, and start running lumber through it.

That’s how this bugzapper works.

not so good according to

Yes, A bug-zapper in every Yard!!!

Studies show these things just attract more bugs to your yard instead of your neighbors’. Owners actually get more bites with them.

Mr. Spider also likes to camp out next to these…