Home Style Cordless Bug Zapper

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New Home Style Cordless Bug Zapper, for $14.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Home Style Outdoor Living Cordless Rechargeable Bug Zapper

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How often do you have to replace the bulb in one of these?

2,200 volts…isnt that a bit much for a bug?

I don’t have much luck with bug zappers. I like the Off spray.

I’d like to know from someone who has one of these. Do they attract more bugs than they zap?

Does anyone else get images of old southern shacks with bug zappers on the porches and Gramma sitting in a rocker drinking her moonshine?

I’m a zapper, he’s a zapper, she’s a zapper, wouldn’t you like to be a zapper too?

uh oh, here we go with the bug/mosquito debate again!! it always happens when these come up!

Thingfling tends to have this for 19.99 + $6 shipping. At least twice a week.

Ignoring the better price, these things don’t really work. You end up with a container full of live bugs, which you can then spray with RAID.

so by all means , bring it up?

how long is that cord?

I notice no mention is made of battery life. Rechargeable yes, but how long does THAT last?

Obligatory “bug zappers create tiny airborne insect particles that can spread disease and allergens, as well as killing more beneficial insects than harmful ones, and actually attracting more bugs to the area than would have been there otherwise” comment.

Will it eliminate mosquitoes found in most part of Asian countries…

I bought one of these on woot a couple of months ago. Paid about $5 more.
I leave it on 24/7 inside the house. Occasional crack indicates instant death for some winged creature.
It made pretty short work of some moths that came with the exotic bird food…I put it outside once and it decimated a swarm of green bugs.
You know insects will take over the earth if we don’t do something like this first.
Saw this on b**.com today for the same price ($19.99 w/free shipping); they said it was half off.

Oh, so I should buy these and give them as gifts to my neighbors? :slight_smile:

Ahh… Brings back old memories from back when I was a kid.

attracts more insects and kills more beneficial bugs than mosquitos

Kill the bugs before they kill you. If they would of had a few of these prior to Starship Troopers then the bugs could of been kept in check. Be a good citizen and kill the bugs. You may think they are harmless now but that is because they have not mutated yet.