Home Style Cordless Bug Zapper

If I mounted this to the handle bars of my Honda Ruckus to what speed would this device safely keep bugs out of my teeth?

What happened to using normal color names? You know, like Black White Blue and Silver?

I have to admit, there’s been more than one night of beer drinking with buddies sitting around and watching the bug zapper. “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH, a MOTH, DO YOU THINK HE’S GONNA CATCH FIRE? How long ya think he’ll zap?” and other questions.

I knew bugs went to Valhalla, but Thor said no.
Big dumb blonde.

Everyone’s happy until the big one $ucks your brain out. Then you’re not happy–you’re dead.

Kill 'em before they develop language skills.

[QUOTE=aeromech, post:4, topic:231808]
2,200 volts…isnt that a bit much for a bug?[/quote

Volts mean nothing.
You can get more voltage than that from dragging your butt on the carpet.

It’s cheaper than cable and it keeps drinkers off the streets.

It has to arc a decent distance.

if a mosquito developed language skills and typed a response or bought one of these on here id probably let it tazer me

And I feel obligated to reply with a (deep breath) “people who “correct” other people on issues like this with statements like that, pulled from thin air or some questionable source usually associated with global-warming-no-global-cooling-no-it’s-global-warming-again “data” and alien visitor stories, have a deep-seated and well-deserved inferiority complex and are childishly anal retentive” response. Aaaand I’m passing out.

“Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” I think.
Or maybe it was the fall of the Soviet Union.
I don’t know.
I slept through that class.

There is still some debate on this, but scientists tend to believe that this will remain effective until light speed, if you wear a helmet and/or can keep your mouth shut. It’s standard equipment on the speeder bikes in Star Wars, which is why you never see those real people telling a real story covered in Endorian insects.



[QUOTE=aeromech, post:27, topic:231808, post:4, topic:231808]
2,200 volts…isnt that a bit much for a bug?

Volts mean nothing.
You can more voltage than that from dragging your butt on the carpet.[/quote]

Yep. Amps are what kill (as little as 1/100 of an amp can kill a human!). Volts are just the measure of some quantity of energy and stuff that I can’t explain accurately right now since I allowed myself to forget the exact explanation after I learned and understood it. But they still make for impressive numbers.
Remember in Jurassic Park when the perimeter fences listed having 10,000V? Not that much, especially for something like a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Roar rar.

Okay, who the hell left the door to the 1980s open?
People, David Naughton’s never going to learn to stay in the basement if you keep letting him out!

Looks like three amp-hours, which despite manufacturers claims, usually translates to two hours or less in real life. If it actually executes any accursed traitor-bugs, probably less.

Ah, but the question is: Am I serious? And are you?

In all honesty bug zappers really are pretty useless for controlling mosquitos, but do have some possible entertainment value (as noted by others above). Anyone who actually wants to check out either set of claims can easily find a wealth of factual information from non-questionable sources to peruse.

They really ought to package this with The Clapper.

Ours has no problem going three or four hours without being plugged in. With the adapter in, indefinite. The cord on the adapter is about five feet long.