Home Theater: A Sound Decision

Thanks for the question and it is a good one. The QP9W PWRBR is superb and has a reasonable degree of mid bass, but like all SOUNDBARS, not deep bass. It has a sub-out so you can add an additional subwoofer.

I strongly suggest you get the QP9W PWRB + Subsonic for an amazing music 2.1 system and a great TV sound system. It is a bit more money, but the overall performance will give you years and years of superior quality sound.

Another option for you is QP9W PWRBAR + PSSUB 225 subwoofer if you have a large room (say 350 square’ or more)

Finally, the ALL IN 1 POWERONEHT 200 is the QP9WPWRBR along with a built in powered subwoofer in 1 cabintet. You can do that too.

I strongly recommend a subwoofer with any SOUNDBAR unless the purpose is basic TV listening. So, the 3 above options are what I suggest…Absolutely go for one of them and get that deep bass!!!



Hi, I will try my best to answer you, but I am not sure specifically which items you are considering from this event. As far as I can tell, you have a Home Theater 5.1 set up. That means you run all the speakers and set up through the audio receiver and have a full Home Theater Set up. It consists of:

2 Front Speakers
1 Center Channel Speaker
1 Powered Subwoofer
2 Rear Surrounds.

The SOUNDBARS hook directly to the TV and do not go through the audio receiver, but those are not full home theater systems.

If you need rear surrounds, model SFITLCR 250 or SFITMON 450 are excellent Difference being SFITMON 450 have considerable bass and are full range speakers.

Please let me know if my answer addresses your question(s). Are you also looking for front, or center channel speakers?

ANOTHER IDEA: If you want to use your existing Powered Subwoofer you can purchase our QP9W PWRBR and add that subwoofer to our SOUNDBAR. That configuration would give you an excellent TV sound system and also a great music system. Our QP9W would connect direct to the TV, your powered subwoofer would connect to our SOUNDBAR. The Audio receiver would not be used in this set up.

So, please let me know if you have any more questions.


Thanks for the reply. I was interested in this one, but it dosnt seem the best fit for me.

Pinnacle QP 9W PWRBAR 225W High Powered Top of the Line SOUNDBAR with 6 Drivers & Sub-Out Feature to Accept Powered Subwoofer. Smartphone/MP3 Compatible

Thanks Arin! I really appreciate the advice. I’m going to get the QP9W PWRB for now and add a sub when i have a bit more money on hand.


For the baby boomer - whats the recommended placement? free-air side to side, or with one driver facing the room, the other a wall? how about angled to allow for corner loading, etc… I’m interested, but not sure how i should integrate a dual side-firing woofer into my system.

I am thinking of purchasing the Onkyo TX-NR626, i see it is refurbished and it says it comes with a one year manufactures warranty, but i know that only applies if you bought the item from an Onkyo authorized reseller, is Woot an Onkyo authorized reseller? Also any thoughts on whether buying refurb is a good/bad idea??

Indeed we are an authorized Onkyo dealer. Their staff is very active in our forums as well.

Here’s our last sale to give you an idea.

I’m an absolute audio beginner and want something easy. I’m looking at the Pinnacle soundbars but having a tough time deciding, any advice?

A smart decision. You will find on it’s own the QP9WPWRBR does have a lot more depth and detail than virtually any other soundbar. It will be terrific on it’s own till you can a sub.



If you want to keep a 5.1 Home theater set up using your audio receiver this is not the right product. If you have another TV set and want exceptional TV sound, it is designed for that.

I suggest FRONTROWSYS8210 which includes Both the Soundbar and a wireless powered subwoofer. THis is our most versatile and affordable set up and exceedingly good for a low cost. More experienced listeners or more critical requirements can take you to higher priced offerings. But I believe this will be the best choice. Set up is a snap.

Frontrowsys 8210,



Hi and good question. Subwoofers are a bit room sensitive and sound different in different room locations. I find the best place to start is in a corner with one woofer facing a wall and the other woofer facing the adjacent wall. So first try a corner with the 2 subwoofers facing sideways. Then, from there you can compare to another location such as placed in the same way but on 1 wall, not a corner. Unquestionably this subwoofer will deliver remarkable deep, powerful and loud bass. It is extremely accurate for music. So, there will be many very good room placements. Thanks,


Arin - is there a special cable I would need to purchase in order to connect any of those subs you recommended to the PWRBAR? I am fairly unfamiliar with audio hookups and would appreciate some guidance. Secondly - would a Tos-Link to Optical cable work for connecting this to my TV?

It must be an engineering marvel because it changes the way we calculate area of a circle: r squared * pi. Two 8" speakers have an area of 12.5% LESS than a single 12". (44 * 2 * pi vs 66 * pi).

The PR is strong in this one…

Hi, no purchase needed we supply the cable.



Hi, back in the day I was able to know this calculation for area of a circle and this high level math stuff. Not to brag, but I even go an A in 2nd semester calculus. But, that was many years ago. Simple arithmetic is where I spend most of my calculations. Ok, to your point.

The BABY BOOMER uses 2 8" woofers and the 8" measurement is the radius of the speaker cone itself. By arranging one cone on one side of the cabinet and the other woofer on the opposite side of the cabinet, we are able to have 2 8" woofers in 1 10" cubed cabinet. This is called a Bipole arrangement. We do believe the product is an engineering marvel not so much to squeeze 2 woofers into the cabinet, but to actually do so in exceedingly tight tolerances and get a remarkable bass result. So, the facts as I have stated are true. We have a groundbreaking product and if it was easy to do, many others would do it. But, they cannot.

Thank you for the comments and I do appreciate them and working to keep me on my toes.



I might have missed it, but don’t think i saw it in the specs. Is the baby boomer shielded?

Was that answer in regards to my first question or both of them?

Hi, no it is not, but it does not need to be as long as it is 3’ from the TV. So, if you are placing the subwoofer 3 feet or more from the TV, shielding is not relevent. And even more to the point, the subwoofer will be on the floor and the TV most likely not on the floor. Shielding is not needed. I cannot think of more than a couple of subwoofers that are shielded.

Thank you for the question,


Our best SOUNDBAR is QP9W PWRBR. To add an important dimension of bass extension, a subwoofer is always recommended. QP9W PWRBR will accept a separate powered subwoofer, but depending on the room and your needs you may find that no sub is needed. If you are only watching TV, sports, movies etc than the QP9W PWRBR on it’s own is possible very adequate. But, if you intend to listen to music then a subwoofer is needed. IN that case, FRONTROWSYS 8210 or POWERONEHT 200 are the choices. POWEONE HT 200 is the best one and has the conveninece of housing the Bar + Subwoofer all in 1 cabinet.

I hope this helps out,