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Repost of my earlier comment on the Onkyo receiver.

I bought the Onkyo TX-NR626 on 11/5/2014 and can honestly say that I love it. It is a great receiver with many features that you won’t see on anything in this price range. I can use my old Pioneer turntable and even my VHS (literally hundreds of tapes) which it upscales to look quite good on my HDTV. Also I went with 7.1 Pinnacle speakers. WOW!

With 6 HDMI and 5 composite inputs, I rather doubt I could ever need/use them all but I might try just for grins.

Check out the 3 pages of comments with the Onkyo rep onboardHERE.

The only negative I have is that I paid $50 more than the current price. Darn it Woot!

Does the Onkyo have the ability to display the volume on the TV it’s outputting to when it’s being adjusted? I wanna tuck the receiver away yet still see volume changes.

I bought this same reciever from woot, a couple weeks ago when it was on here. After one day two HDMI ports stopped working. I sent an email to the support address the Onkyo guy posted on previous forums and haven’t heard back from any one. Please be cautious buying this.

yes it does on the remaining HDMI ports that work.


Just bought a Harman Kardon 1510 last week for $299, I would have taken the chance on the 1610 at $239 without a second thought.

The 1510 is a nice basic receiver, and does something the Pioneer VSX 1023 couldn’t, cooperate with my cable box AND TV. With the Pioneer I had to switch the input to and from cable box several times before I would get anything but a grey staticy picture, with the Harman everything works perfectly, and being able to name the inputs is very helpful for the rest of the family.

The smartphone app for the receiver isn’t as nice as the Pioneer, but it works more reliably.

I bought the Onkyo too, a while back (I could go back and check the date and the price but I’m lazy and who really cares?)

It’s worked perfectly 95% of the time. Occasionally, when switching inputs, it appears to switch but doesn’t. I simply go back and forth between inputs and it starts working again.

I’ve used the Bluetooth to stream music from my phone, and I’ve used the SiriusXM app that’s built in - both work very well - although the user interface could be better.

Thanks for the reply…sorry to hear.
Based on all the reviews I’ve seen for this one I think I’ll pass on the purchase.

New (with free shipping - and hassle free exchanges) for $50 more on the mothership.

It’s been factory refurbished, so any issues with the HDMI board should have been fixed now.

I’m on my fourth Onkyo in 15 years now. My third one died (HDMI issues), I complained on the other Woot forum and the Onkyo rep stepped in to have it repaired. It’s at the repair facility now, all shipping and repair is being done free, can’t complain about that.

My complaint would be about not being able to use it when it has to go in the shop. You get a loaner receiver? ;-p