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regarding the “Miccus BBRTX-01 Home RTX Long Range Bluetooth Music Transmitter or Receiver”…

It looks like you need to buy two to get the range extension capabilities to work. One as a transmitter (receives the bluetooth signal and then transmits it up to 200 feet using 2.4mhz transmission), which then requires a second unit to function as a receiver of the 2.4mhz signal and output the sound to the audio device via the back ports.

It is unclear whether the device in “transmitter” mode will send signals out the back connectors. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need 2 to function at all.

Please clarify.

Amazon has this mount for 10 dollars less and if you’re a prime member you can call it 15 dollars less.


I have a Logitech version of the Harman Kardon BTA 10 paired to an old receiver and three speakers in my kitchen, and it’s great to be able to control music from the dining/living rooms when people are over. If you have old equipment lying around, this can be a great way to get some good use out of it.

That said, this isn’t much of a deal: compared to the mothership, you only save five bucks on the same item (4.2/5 stars) and about four over my Logitech model (4.3/5 stars) after shipping.

Anyone have advice on how I can research these HDMI cables for comparative quality?

I suppose it’s not readily apparent what HDMIversion they are all either?

In the interim, I guess the next best thing is to just look them up else where individually.

Can I use the transmitter on a projector to output my projector’s audio to a sound bar via bluetooth?

Woot Staff - Concerning the ‘Solaire Sol 55-G Outdoor Flatscreen TV Cover for TVs up to 55"’, please check and correct the listed Dimensions on the spec tab: 32"(W) x 23"(H) x 4"(D). Seems those measurements would cover a much smaller screen only. Thanks

I think you are right. I’ve looked at a couple of TV dimension calculator sites, and they seem to agree that a 55" 16x9 TV would have an image size of about 48" by 27", not including any bezel.

It’s fixed. Thanks for calling that out.

Dimensions: 53.5"(W) x 34"(H) x 4"(D)

It is important to measure your TV when buying Solaire Covers. The covers are not measured the same way as TV’s (Diagonal) as the differences in bezel and speaker placement make the width of some 42" TV between 37" to 44". They work great with full motion and articulating brackets, but not Flush or Tilt.

Not sure which one of the products you’re referring to. But, in general, the answer is Yes, as long as your projector has either 3.5mm audio out (like a headphone jack), or L/R RCA audio output jacks.

Of course your sound bar will need to be able to RECEIVE the bluetooth signal. If it is not already equipped to do so, then you will also need a bluetooth receiver to do that task.

It is kind of ridiculous that Verizon FIOS is $5 to rent a CableCARD, while Comcast is free. If I wasn’t in an apartment, I’d switch.

Also available for 79.99 at Newegg with free shipping http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16886720003

What does the motorized mount do? Move left/right? Is there a remote? I iz confused.

Love ya Woot, but the smaller ceiling mount can be found for about $10 cheaper (even considering tax and shipping) at the big online cable retailer. I know this because I bought one last week for my patio. Interestingly, they accept Amazon payments.

I am interested in the TV covers, but the price is a bit high for my application. I just mounted a 32" TV on the patio, but I picked up a used one on CL, and the TV was only $75, the cover shouldn’t cost 50% of the TV cost.

Ok, I just looked at some pictures of the covers on Google Images, and they indeed look nice, they have big dust flaps on the back with heavy Velcro, and zipper bottoms…

From the "specs"tab:

*Swivels, pans 30 Degree and tilts 15 degree
*Includes RF remote and all hardware

About 4 years back I bought the "
URC R50 Digital Universal Remote Control" It is incredible, easy to program as well. When I bought the remote it was the nicest UCR that the end user could program without spending hundreds having a company come to your house and do it. Price seems higher than what I remember paying, but I have no idea of finding what I paid. Well worth the money.

The SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime is a steal at that price.

I use one in my house attached to my Windows 7 Media machine. Windows Media Center is awesome for recording (and you get 3 tuners.)

For the price of a few months worth of rented DVR, you get to keep this bad boy, and it just sits on your network, streaming TV to your devices like a boss.

Anyhow, if you use WMC, you can run an MCEBuddy service to convert it, and put the recordings into a Plex Server, then access it wherever.

Just received the Solaire 55" TV cover, purchased last week. Very high quality, zippers and velcro work well. It perfectly fits my 60" LG LED TV - with a decent amount of room to spare, I might add. Seems like a good product overall.

So you can use WMC as a DVR to record any channel? And you have a cablecard? Who is your provider?

information I found says the Steren CL-526-612 is Cat 2!