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Stay away from this:
Xtreme Cables 84106 Braided High Speed 6’ HDMI Cable

I bought two, one didn’t work at all and the other worked for a few days before it quit.

None of the products for sale appear to be the one pictured at the top of the page…

Yeah why isn’t the articulating mount shown at the top actually available?

Sorry. The photography is probably from a previous sale when that item was available. :confused:

Does anyone know the manufacturer / model number of the articulating mount at the top?

I also bought one and it has problems too. I ended up getting the Amazon cable and it worked fine.

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Don’t they realize how intellectually insulting this is?

yeah that is the one I wanted…
poor quality control…
So, what is that one?

This one looks pretty similar …


Does anyone know if any of the arm mounts can hold a 32" TV at a right angle (or close to it) to the wall? I have a crappy set up in my bedroom and to see a TV properly I need a wall mount I can push it flush when not in use and pull it out to as close to 90* angle as possible. I am having a hard time figuring out with the measurements if this is possible.

Anyone looking for a TV wall mount or HDMI cables should check out Monoprice. High quality, low prices.

I recently mounted a 32" Vizio LED TV using this mount from Amazon.


Fully extended, I could only get the TV about 75-80 degrees angle to the wall. I didn’t measure it, but according to the stats on amazon, it has a extended reach of 14 inches. I’d look for a mount that has reach that’s a couple inches longer (at least as long as your TVs width divided by 2), just make sure the head has a full range of motion.

Quite a deal !! looks like the temporal scan thermometer I use on my kids

I bought the “Monster 140303-00 HDMI Performance Maximizer” and under the features it states “Joins two HDMI cables together to make one longer cable”. It has a picture of a monster hdmi coupler/maximizer that matches the description.

The actual product that was delivered is just a maximizer that does not match the picture and cannot join two cables, which had been the purpose behind my purchase.

Jeez, sorry for the trouble. Have you emailed your order number, user name and situation to support@woot.com yet? If not, they can take a look at your order and review your available options.

Wanted to update on my purchase on the Power Tilt Mount for 37-85" TVs. For some reason, the advertising did not match what the product was. It clearly states on the box that the product is up to 70" and I have a 75" TV. Fortunately it is a thin TV and it is way under the weight limit so I mounted it anyway against two studs behind the wall. Works well. The only problem I sort of have is accessing the back panel of the TV for the connections. It can be really tight because the TV is so close to the wall, I guess that makes it a good mount. Anyway I was upset that Woot would send a product that didn’t match the description correctly. I was offered a refund but the mount itself weighs a lot and it was a lot more trouble returning it so I just used it as is. Works well so far.

The box appears to be wrong. We contacted the vendor directly and they state:

UL retested this mount to fit 37-85” TVs. This model is the same as model number DC65PWT on the Level Mount .com site.