Home Theater Beef-Up

Sigh…I spent all of last week buying equipment and piecing together a home theater system. Some of these look like fantastic deals.

Snagged the Sony receiver and individual speakers (the bookshelf+center/surround set) as a method of getting multiple inputs to my projector and bypassing the utterly crap on board sound.

Unfortunately, I’m in an apartment, so I can’t really crank it, but the sound is super clear (a little too clear, if you’re used to crappy projector speakers)

For the money, it’s certainly the best solution I could find to my very specific problem.

(might pick up the woofer this time because having an incomplete system really bugs me).

I had been waiting for the MB11500+ to show back up for a few months now… and voila! Now to finding a receiver…

Question re: PYLE PT678HBA 400 Watts 5.1-Channel HDMI Home Theater System with Bluetooth Audio Playback, AM/FM Tuner

If it says it’s Bluetooth, does it mean the speakers are bluetooth, battery-operated, not corded?

It means you can pair a bluetooth audio player to your stereo, such as a phone.

Hello WOOT community. I am here again, Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, TEAM LEADER consumer division to assist with anything I can about our products in this event. Pinnacle is a family owned and operated USA based company, established in 1976. That’s 38 years and running counting toward 4 decades. We are the oldest independently owned and operated USA based speaker company with the longest running management team in the industry. We are famous in the Speaker and consumer electronics industry and known specifically for superior performance, innovative engineering and old fashioned, personal service. We have products ranging from “BUDGET AUDIOPHILE” to TRUE AUDIOPHILE up to $8,000. (BD 2500) We offer these exclusive and honestly ridiculous “no brainer” deals to WOOT as an exclusive buy it now, snooze or lose opportunity.

I will be here monitoring the forum to assist in answering any and all questions regarding our products. I have been with Pinnacle for 10 years and I will proudly tell you,we make terrific products. I am quite knowledgeable about our products and speakers in general, but if something is technically beyond me, I have access to one of our audio engineers for the highly technical questions. There is no such thing as a “DUMB” question. These are complicated decisions. So, if you have a question, please ask. Chances are your question will also help many other Woot forum people.

I am a specialist in Pinnacle, although I cannot speak for other company products, I can try to assist in building a system with our products and some existing items you may already own.

Thanks for your participation in this forum


What is the THD (Total harmonic distortion) value for the PTTCSM70BT?

I couldn’t find it listed in the specs in the .pdf manual found at pyleaudio.com

Thanks for your reply!

I bought a pair of S-FIT TWR 1050 last week, I’m hoping that a pair of S-Fit Sat 150 2-Way and the S-FIT CTR 350 would be what I’d need to round them off to a solid 5 channel system?

Pinnacle Speaker FRONT ROW SYS 8210 - 350W 2.1-Channel Powered Soundbar & Dual Driver Wireless Subwoofer System

Is this the plug and play system that has been on here for more $ (maybe $179 - 189)?

I received the QP9W PWRBAR as my letter crap from the Birthday celebration. I set it up last night with a powered subwoofer (a previous Woot) and used it to watch a sitcom, an action TV show, and listen to several kinds of music. I have to say that it makes for an excellent setup. Especially for $8. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It didn’t like the letters Q-P by themselves so I learned something today when I looked it up on Urban Dictionary…

I have all Pinnacle 5.1 speakers bought from Woot and couldn’t be happier. I have the 5 element floor speakers ($149), and the PS Sub 225 12" subwoofer. I cannot express enough how much bass this subwoofer puts out. The dial goes from 0-9 and I can’t go above a 3 without the bass just being too much. And I have a huge living room. My viewing distance from a 70" TV is around 18ft and there is another 9 feet behind the couch to the back wall where the surrounds are mounted. The sub is in the back corner.

Now of course Woot has me looking at upgrades to these, as the bigger side channels are down to $699 and the upgraded center channel is now available.


QP9W:** “I bought the Pinnacle Speakers 9 Wood 9-Element Speaker Bar to replace my klipsch hd500 center and sides a couple of weeks ago. Initially the sound felt muted and out of place, but I kept pandora on over the weekend at moderate volume to “break in” the speakers and there was an AMAZING improvement after. Now some people might think this is audio voodoo, but I definitely heard a change. I currently love the QP9 .” - OoWillz

FRONT ROW SYS 8120: “I just started using the Pinnacle 8210. So far the sound has been amazing. I have it set up in my room and for gaming and watching movies this sound bar combo is well worth it. I have the wireless sub placed under our bed and it gives us a nice shake when watching Game of Thrones or playing Titanfall on the Xbox.” – jjove

“I have had it for about 2 months now. I like it. The sound is really good; Wireless woofer never lost connection. My Polk has from time to time; The display shows the time and is easy to see volume level, sub level, etc.; -The woofer level is controlled via remote. My Polk is a knob on the actual sub; Different scene modes (music, movie, etc.) My other soundbars don’t have that; Pretty slim design pairs well with thin tvs; Goes very loud.” -reg606

Baby Boomer: “this tiny cube delivered everything it promised and did it nicely. Great job Pinnacle! Highly recommended.” – eldic

“have played a selection of music and boy the BabyBoomer sub is a keeper. If you have a sub that sounds mushy, boomy, SUB in this SUB (get it? ah, whatever). I have tried 3 different subs and this one dominates the other options.” - waffle

SubSonic: “The products from Pinnacle are everything they claim, and so much more. I highly recommend the products to anyone looking for crisp clear sound on Videogames, Movies, and Music.”

  • mthoodrue

PS SUB 225: “I picked up a PS Sub 225 in the last speaker sale @ Woot, and I have to say for the price I paid, it was worth it. Much better than the sub it replaced…” - ganzhimself

BD 2500: “The 2500s are fantastic if your room has any size to it, high ceilings or odd shapes. beautiful mids. Nice and warm with just the right amount of brightness to my ear.” –mtb002

BD 500: “The BD500’s, yeah…Beautiful clear high notes, very smooth and natural midrange and vocals. I can honestly say that in 40 years I have never heard a small bookshelf speaker that sounds as good as the BD500. And I have heard hundreds and hundreds of them.” –lorenzodemedici

“I’m so impressed with the BD500” - jordandrichardson

BD 300: “I love, love, love my setup” - bobdo

S-FIT TWR 1050: “I would argue the TWR 1050’s are the best $300 money can buy on main channel speakers for the dual purpose I was after; crisp and clear music but still thundering loud explosions in the action scenes of movies. Then when it comes to the BD300, there is a dramatic notice in clarity and carrying-power Anyways, thank you Arin, Pinnacle and Woot for the amazing customer support, speakers and price!” - jorfrost

MB 11500+: “I cannot say enough good things about these speakers. They are a good substitute for my Klipsch Reference Setup that is in the bonus but too big and bulky for the great room. If you are wrestling with this decision because you are unsure, go ahead and pull the trigger. I don’t think you will regret it.” - gosh7001

In for both the Sony receiver and the Pinnacle 700W speaker system.

I figure at this price I can’t go wrong!

At least I sure hope so.

picked up one of the Samsung HW-FM35. First sound bar system for a 6 year old plasma TV. Should be good.

Anyone know if there is a way to extend the subwoofer cable? I didn’t want to go Bluetooth quite yet.


If you want the Polk PSW111 subwoofer. It is on sale at Best Buy for $149.99




Same price on Amazon… so while it may be a good deal, if you have prime just buy it there, save the shipping cost ($5 is still $5) AND have it delivered much faster…


Looking at the BD 750s to pair with my BD300 and baby boomer (maybe some BD 500s for rear). I watch movies and music, pretty much everything streaming or MP3.

What is the “Reference monitor” all about and is it necessary with streaming (netflix, hulu, pandora, mp3s, etc.)?