Home Theater Beef-Up

Love the babyboomer sub I bought so now I am in for the QP 9W soundbar. At some point in the future might get a 2nd babyboomer to pair with that.

Very excited.

Personally, If you are using the towers as main speakers, the 450 would make good surrounds and rears, and the 350 a center.

If you are using the 450 bookshelf as main speakers, then you can use the 250 as a center and the 150 as surrounds and rears.

Jumping from the 1050 to the 150 is a huge jump. I get they are only 30 a speaker, but the 450 is a much better speaker and is only 59.

The 450 and 350 have the same Width and Length. They are cut exactly the same. Only the 350, despite the lower number, is actually 8 inches longer, and uses an additional 4" driver. The 450 does had a port, but the 350 stil plays 75hz and up, so as long as you have a subwoofer set at Dolby’s recommended 80hz, it’s a perfect match.

If I could do my system all over again, I would buy 4/6 450 and 1 350 as a center. or to step it up, 3/5 350’s and 2 1050 towers, depending if you are using 7.1/5.1

To anser your question, I wouldn’t use the 150’s. They use the same driver and tweeter as the 250’s. If you can afford 150’s, - just get 450’s they are 30 buck more each, and a much better speaker to match up with your 1050 towers

Reference just means natural sounding, or neutral sounding. In studios, they mix music on Reference monitors. If they sound good on there, they will tranfer well onto all the differeny ways people listen to music, like in the car, the ipod, home theaters, or big club speakers.

Reference Monitors don’t require a subwoofer, are solid speakers. Of course, you can put a subwoofer with them, and use a crossover on your receiver if you like extra bass, but if you want to hear how the movie sound engineers and music producers mix their music, they are using reference monitors.

I have that same receiver, just the 7.2 version, and use pinnacle speakers.

The speakers are awesome, and the receiver is up to date. It is 4k, 3D compatable, so when those TV’s roll out in a year or so you are already covered. The receiver is good. I don’t think you need a $500 okyno or denon. And all of the pinnacle speakers are really great. Very well built, and studry. In the store, in NJ, I;ve seen the 1050 tower being sold for $599 a pair, on “sale” for $475. These are pretty high end for the average person. The only speaker I didn’t love was the 150, but it could be a decent rear or surround in a small room, coupled with a 450s’ as the main speakers.

Thank’s for the advice. I’m using the 1050’s as the fronts, so looking to replace the center and rears. I went ahead and ordered the 350 for now, and also the TV mounted shelf here http://electronics.woot.com/offers/screendeck-shelf-for-your-tv-things-for-50-tvs-3?ref=cnt_wp_4_24, how convenient!

Perhaps next time they are on woot, I’ll get the rears (and possibly subwoofer too!), thanks for pointing me at the 450s.

I love my 1050’s. They are 4x4" speakers with a 1" silk dome tweeter. Most people use a crossover for a subwoofer, so I wasn’t concerned with lots of 6 or 8 inch speakers, because Dolby engineers use 80hz for their subwoofer crossover, hence, you don’t want your main speakers to play below 80 if you plan to use a good subwoofer. You don’t want your speakers competing.

The 1050’s are pure audiophile high end sound quality. I was in a sound room with about 50 different brands of speakers, and out of them all, polk, klipsch, defenitive technology, psb, martain logan, etc, and out of all the speakers, and all the lines, I fell in love with how clear the 1050s are. If you know you are going to have a subwoofer, the 1050’s do a better job than any other speaker I heard in person in creating a natural, real, warm exact sound image, -hearing every background detail you may not have knew was even in a song before.

Most important, they are exactly in the 40" range, which is exactly where nearly everyone’s ear level is sitting down.

Pinnacle did an amazing job with these, and saved a bunch of space by not using the 6 and 8 inch “mid range” wanna be subwoofers, which get cut by a receivers crossover anyway. The 1050 are at their best paired with any subwoofer. Their strength is the in the mid range - high range frequencies, bringing them to life.

I could do a full review for pinnacle, if Arin wishes. -Thanks for getting those 350’s up on here. I couldn’t wait and actually found a mint condition AC widescreen center.

I wish someone had 79 bucks to send me one. : )

The 450 are a great match to the towers as supporting speakers.

the 150 is a better match is the 450 is used as main, of large 1050 towers

go with the sony, so much better in every way. No audiophile listens to music from bluetooth. We try to get as loseless as possible. Some true audiophiles won’t even listen to MP3, just FLAC and records.

Bluetooth is a garbage technology for music, ok for talking on the phone, -and the Pyle is not a good brand, and doesn’t put out enough watts to make the music have enough headroom, so it will distort as medium listening levels.

I would honestly go for the SFIT MON 450s if you can handle the extra 100$s. Well worth it in my opinion. I just bought the 1050 TWRs and 450 MONs for my front and rear, plus the 250’s for the sides (when I buy a new amp) about a month ago. They all sound great, but my old yamaha can’t push them. I bought the 350 CTR last night.

Anyone know where we can find more specs on the MB11500+? I’m comparing to the Energy 5.1 Take Classic.


Any way to buy three BD 750’s? I’m redoing my home theater and will only consider identical speakers across the front.

Arin, I have a question that I am not sure of, and I know the product line well.

I have the 1050’s. Mine come with two sets of bananna plugs each (for bi-amping)

If I don’t bi-amp them, and single amp them by using the metal jumpers, would they be running at 8 ohms or 16ohms

I know when you jump speakers (ie channel for 2 speakers (aka Bi-wiring) it doubles the ohms.

Let me condinse all that.

I have 1 channel for each 1050. If I run them with the jumper, are they 8ohms still, or 16.

On the other hand, if I do use 2 channels for one 1050, are they now 4 ohms?

Sorry, it’s a little technical, but I really need to know moving forward.

Hi Arin,or anyone who can help with this,
I picked up the 1050s last week & the 450s for rear with a PS Sub 225, and now adding the 350 center also.
All of this is for a media room that I am setting up. Approximately 300 sq ft. I read a few comments around here about the sub not being the right match unless the speakers had woofers bigger than 6 inches.
This would primarily be used for movies. Do I need to complement this with a second sub like perhaps the SubSonic?

Hi, Good question,

The recommended Center channel would be SFITCTR 350 with your Tower SFIT1050

And you are right, for rear channel SFITSAT 150 is a perfect choice,


Hi, the “jumpers” are required to stay in place UNLESS you are biamping. So, without biamping the "JUMPERS ensure you have solid bass from both woofers. Imedance is not effected with or without biamp.


new line


vintage pinnacle line


that is a darn quality post, someone get one that lol

THE PSSUB 225 is going to provide you a good level of volume of bass and a good choice for Home Theater. The SUBSONIC or BABY BOOMER having smaller drivrs are better with music on SFITTWR1050. If it were me, I would go with 2 subs and use the Subsonic and PSSUB 225 for the best of both worlds.


Assuming we fisrst look at cosmetics and cainetry, ours is in a expensive high gloss piano lacquer finish that many people find stunning, including me. Looking at acoustices, the main speakers on our MB 11500+ are 3 element products (BD 200) and we believe will offer a better soundstage, play louder than the alternate item you mention. Rear channel, we use BD 100 and we think that is a fairly close comparative to the TAKE 5 rear. Our subwoofer would play considerably louder and likely deeper. Our MB 9500+ is closer to the Energy Take 5.1

No, but BD 700 uses all the same drivers as BD 750, with different crossover points for the CENTER> You can consider 3 BD 700, but I believe 1 pair BD 750 and 1 BD 700 is best.


Good suggestion. I forgot SFITMON 450 PAtented edition are in this event. For more bass i the rear, SFITMON 450 are the better choice. But SFITSAT 150 are fine as well.