Home Theater: DIY Festival

Hi, thanks for the question. We have several SOUNDBARS in this event.

None of them have an IR repeater.

Our best SOUNDBAR is POWERONEHT 200 which includes a built in powered subwoofer, excellent with all sets even jumbo up to 70"

QP9W PWRBR is our best stand alone SOUNDBAR, excellent for TV’s up to 60".

FRONTROWPBAR 6200 is our SOUNDBAR for TV’s up to about 50".

FRONTROWSYS 8210: specatacular 2.1 system with a wireless powered subwoofer,


Given we’re dealing with a sale and not a woot! the ones that need to see this aren’t likely to, but steer clear of the Samsung Blu-Ray Player with Apps. That thing is awful for Netflix, horrible lag, I can only imagine how bad it is with recent updates to Netflix’s UI which might or might not be pushed to this unit. I bought and returned one many many months ago, its a shame Woot continues to sell these off without some sort of disclaimer. I’m not the only one to have had this experience as well, 3-4 times since I bought mine I’ve seen it on sale and others sharing similar experiences.

Okay, so this will seem a very odd question, but since I don’t see any Aux In jack on this thing (the Sony 5.1 Receiver), I’m guessing I can’t use this as an amp for my guitar, right?


I bought the panasonic home theater with tall boy speakrs and I HATE IT! The system is “green” and turns off after 30 minutes of nonuse. You can’t turn off this “feature” i even checked with panasonic… Normally this wouldn’t be a problem since you can just turn it back on. But the equipment does not turn back on to the same input as before it powered off. It returns to the home screen with zero audio output. So if you want to use it like I did, just for the audio output from directv, you’ll have to use two remotes and manually switch this thing back to your input every single time you want to watch TV, which takes an annoying 30-40 seconds or more to boot.

Would anyone be willing to help me with a little consult?

I was looking at the Samsung set ups they have listed, particularly the Samsung HT-EM35B 5.1-Channel Blu-ray Home Theater System, because I have no use for 3D.

I’m having trouble evaluating how much power I need. I have a relatively small but very open living room with high ceilings.

I had purchased a setup by Craig from woot (http://electronics.woot.com/offers/5-1-channel-home-theater-w-dvd-player) and I got what I paid for, I have no complaints. But it ended up not being powerful enough. Eventually I blew out the speakers.

Is there a way for me to tell how much more powerful this unit is, and how to I judge if it would fit my needs?

Any help you can offer would be great.


I got the Baby Boomer a while back. These things put out an amazing amount of bass. Just got another! Stereo subs now!

I’m debating getting one of the two Sammy soundbars. From what I’ve found, there isn’t much of a difference bewteen the HW-F450 and the HW-FM45C, well aside from the $30.

Is there something obvious I’m missing here or are they just about the same?

Long story short, don’t buy anything considered to be home theater in a box. Anything all in one like that is not going to be powerful enough if you’re blowing speakers. If you stick around, Arin, a representative from Pinnacle, will gladly help you piece something together. Though that will require some substantial money. If you have any questions on where to start in building your own home theater, please feel free to private message me and I’ll give you some good starting points. That way we aren’t monopolizing this discussion here.

According to Amazon the differences between the HW-FM45C and HW-F450 is this:

“This HW-FM45C soundbar is a derivative soundbar model.
This product lacks a key feature that is found on the similar and more widely available HW-F450 model, which is Crystal Sound Pro.”

The Crystal Sound Pro is some type of discrete Amp inside the soundbar from my understanding.

I have 4 of yhe OMD-5s and thought they sounded great. I bought 2 OMD-15’s and they are fantastic. I also would like an OMD-C1. My pioneer receiver does an excellent job of blending my sunfire center channel with the Mirage speakers. Buy the OMD-15’s ( a great purchase) and buy a used center or omd-5 for center.

The last time that Mirage had it’s own sale there was a rep from Mirage that stated that they were working with woot to make more towers, and the actual centers. I have the nano sats for my living room and I have been very impressed. I really want the Mirage set up for the media room.


Does anyone have the Pinnacle 2500s? If $4000 is the real MSRP, that seems pretty good. Wondering how they sound - never heard Pinnacles.


So what all do I need in the Pinnicale line to go with my samsung 65 inch 3d TV…the 2014 models

Not sure which sound bar…speakers…subwoofer or other combination I need.

TV is in an open room about 15x30. Do i just need the qp9 or the 8210 … shelf speakers? I dont have or want a receiver.

Thank you in advance Arin for letting me know.

For a terrific system without a receiver I suggest POWERONEHT 200 Soundbar with built in Powered Subwoofer. The cabinet design will sit beneath the TV and the TV can go on top. 1 simple cable for hookup and you are ready. This will be an excellent solution.



In nearly 40 years this is our Flagship product in our Flagship Black Diamond Series. Indeed they are exceptional and this price is a steal. Here is a recent review on Black Diamond series system from Sound and Vision Magazine.

http://pinnaclespeakers.com/revu_bdsysii.html The bass response is quite remarkable in BD 2500 as is the detail in the midrange. Truly our best! Gorgeous piano lacquer finish as well.


Darn. Wish I had seen this before I bought one…

Hi, Yes that is the product I recommend. The cabinet will accept the weight of your TV no problem and it fits under many 80" sets. The width of the surface is 38" and depth is 15" deep. So as long as the TV platform is less than 38X 15 (figure 36 X 13) you are just fine.

Pinnacle Speakers Power One HT 200 Premier 2.1 System <<<< is that it because I don’t see the one you are talking about. thank you

You are welcome and thank you