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Hello Woot Community, Arin with Pinnacle Speakers here and availbalbe to assist with any questions, comments about our products. As many of you know, I work for Pinnacle Speakers, a family owned and USA based high end speaker company. I am TEAM LEADER for consumer customer support division and I have 8 years here with Pinnacle and am quite familiar with our products, competing products, and speakers in general. So, ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer. If I do not know the answer, I will contact either engineering or other departments to get the answer. No question is dumb. Audio is complicated. I am here to assist.

Looking forward to this Woot forum!

Hey Arin,
I purchased a 5.1 speaker deal from you a few months ago (SUB 225/BD 100/BD 200 combo…the MB11500+ I think) and am happy with them. I’m wondering if replacing my center BD 200 with the 300 would enhance my HT setup or would that be overkill.

Thanks for your continued support on this forum.

Hi. Yes it would indeed, as you would be moving up in the Center from BD 200 to BD 300. The BD 300 in this promo has considerably more bass and fullness using a much larger woofers. It also has the same beautiful Piano Laquer finish so it will match.

The biggest improvement will be noticed watching movies or TV non-action scenes. About 50% of all content comes out of the Center Channel and almost 100% of voices. Since most any TV program or movie is mostly talking and conversation, the better center channel will be a noticable upgrade. It will also be an improvement when watching sports events.

Thanks for the question.

A special shout out and hello to MRSHGOLD. I see you purchased our top of the line SOUNDBAR QP9W PWRBR. We are certain you will be really happy with this and am glad we helped straighten out any questions that arose with your other purchase. Please let us know how it works out for you.

To all WOOTERS, our SOUNDBARS come in 2 categories: Better and Best: (We do not do good")

If you want a serious audio performing SOUNDBAR at a level of performance in line with top of the line audio speakers, we suggest QP9WPWRBAR. Add Baby Boomer or PSSUB 225 for a terrific music system with real serious bass.

If you want a nice upgrade to the newer flat panel TV’s then purchase the FRONTROWPBAR6200. We always recommend adding bass to the SOUNDBAR, which makes a huge difference, by getting FRONTROWSYS8210.

Quite hard to find floorstanding speakers that ship to an APO! The UK has garbage brands and are very VERY expensive compared to the US market x-x

I hope these are nice as I will be upgrading the energy speakers I have to turn my 5.1 system into a 5.1 Pro Logic IIz system :>

I really like when reps get involved during woot sales. This makes me happy and it makes me feel a bit more secure knowing that if I’m unsure about something, theres somebody with expert knowledge on the scene. Props to you Pinnacle.

Last Wooter to Woot:

Thank you. We are not a mega corp so as a family business we work closer with our customers and try to provide that old fashioned service. Not easily done in this day and age. Automation systems are taking over, but for WOOT we do get involved directly.

Hi Mohicus, I see you purchased the upgrade Center BD 300. We appreciate your trust in our confirmation of your idea, and we are certain you will be delighted! Enjoy your upgraded system.

Would I notice any major difference in sound quality between the s-fit 350 that I bought last sale and the Pinnacle Speaker BD 300 Audiophile 5.25" Center Channel Speaker here today?

If so, what?

Yes we do think so. BD 300 is in our elite Black Diamond Series. Not to say SFITCTR350 is anything but first class, yet they are in 2 different priced series.

BD 300 will provide considerably more lower midrange or upper bass response. That improvement will be audible and noticable in movies and music. Not subwoofer level bass, mind you, but provide more fullness and body to the sound.

The tweeter is a higher end tweeter and to describe it we say it is more detailed and accurate. So voices sound like they are literally RIGHT THERE in the room with you. Particularly with “S” sounds. A key indicator of a good quality center speaker is listen to a person saying a word with S in it…like SNAKE or Snorkel or SNow, if the product is well designed the S sound does not linger it is quick and crisp. Same with music.

Anyway, I hope the above answered your question. As I said before, Pinnacle provides better and best level products. SFITCTR350 is quite good, BD 300 is that much more refined. Plus, BD 300 does come standard in a beautiful furniture grade piano lacquer. It is really beautiful cosmetically.

I bought a PS Sub 225 the last time it was on Woot, a few days ago. It replaced a Klipsch 10", and I’m very pleased for the most part. My music sounds just fantastic, and my neighbors are not pleased when I’m watching action movies. My somewhat tone-deaf wife was just amazed at the difference.

One little problem - it’s a bit “rumbly” at times. For example, during the news, when there’s someone out in the field, I get a lot of low-end noise. Maybe I’m just hearing a flaw in their audio that I never could before - is this normal?

Can you ask woot to put a couple more Onkyo receivers on here for me? I bought the floors and wood soundbar…I want to pick up a receiver and sub to complete the system at my new house!

Arin, I have a few questions for you about the Pinnacle speakers. I am looking into getting the PBAR6200 speaker to replace the horrendous speakers in my LCD TV. For just normal TV watching, would you recommend getting a subwoofer? Or would that be overkill? I don’t watch a lot of action movies or things with loud bass so I’m hesitant to drop an extra $100 for the soundbar/subwoofer package. Also, do you know if I would be able to control the soundbar with my Comcast remote or will I have to add the Pinnacle remote to my already overflowing collection of remotes? Thanks for your help!

Hi good morning. By definition, a SOUNDBAR is designed to give you back the sound stripped from the newer TV’s in order to make them 1-2" thin. Pinnacle SOUNDBARS go much further than that in performance. So, our FRONTROWPBAR6200 will provide you far better sound for watching TV than anything in the TV itself. We do always suggest the powered SUBWOOFER cause it will provide considerably more fullness to any TV show, sport event, or movie. It also is going to provide full range sound for music listening. If the only purpose is to watch basic TV, the FRONTROWPBAR6200 is a big step up from the TV. Looking forward, we think you would appreciate the versatility and improved performance with the Subwoofer.

Bear in mind that this WOOT Special is compressing the relative differences in price. For $100 more you are buying $300 more in product and performance.

As to remotes, here is a current posting from our site of our remote compatability with various companies.


If you have a remote from UNIVERSAL REMOTE corporation that 1 remote will accept ours and probably all your other remotes. Our remote will work specifically with our product for on/off and volume.

So, in a nutshell, the FRONTROWSYS8210 will provide considerably more performance for only $100 here, for what should be a $300 price difference.


What is your opinion about pairing the SFIT LCR 250s with the BD 300 center channel? I am worried about a disparity in performance especially when effects sweep across the front.

Also, can the BD 300 be wall mounted?

Hi Arin with Pinnacle.

Good question. First, let me say anything we make can be paired up with anything else we make and we anticipate that people will mix and match across our various product lines. So, the SFITLCR250 as front channel will be fine with BD 300 center. In fact, the Center channel being the step up is more relevent cause the center handles all the voices from music, movies, sports. The lesser depth of bass from the SFITLCR 250 as front speakers is not an issue as long as you have a powered subwoofer in the system. Which we assume you do or will include. If you are adding a subwoofer BABY BOOMER using 8" woofers is the best match to the SFITLCR250’s. if you have a large room area of say 400 square’ or more then for the larger area 2 PSSUB 225 for similar cost would get the job done nicely.

As to wall mounting BD 300, we advise placing on a small shelf as there is no mounting hardware on the speaker.

You can also consider 3 BD 300 across the front left/right and center.

Still a sub is recommended.

THANKS and I hope this helps address the questions. Fire back if you need any more help.



What is your opinion about pairing the SFIT LCR 250s with the BD 300 center channel? I am worried about a disparity in performance especially when effects sweep across the front.

Also, can the BD 300 be wall mounted?

Electronut, I have another idea for you. Not to confuse the issue, but you can also purchase 1 QP9W and that can be wall mounted with 1/4"/20 T nuts in place in the rear to accept after market brackets. The 1 Speaker is equivelent to 3 SFITLCR250 all in a cabinet. Each section is internally partitioned spo it functions as a true left front/right front and center channel all in 1 cabinet. We are referring to the QP9W $129.99 version, which hooks up to your receiver. Not the PWRBAR version which is a high end SOUNDBAR hooking to the TV.

In the case of 1 QP9W you still want that subwoofer.

From a pure acoustic standpoint, 2 sfitlcr250 + 1 BD 300 is better, but I want to present this QP9W option for you as well.


I was actually telling somebody the other day that I was hoping to find a good speaker deal to upgrade my Onkyo SKS-HT870 speakers with my Denon AVR-X4000. I just finished running 12 gauge wire in my walls so the next thing to upgrade was the speakers.

I ended up getting the two pairs S-FIT LCR 250 for my surrounds and rear surrounds in my 7.1 setup. Are those going to be overkill since they are mainly for front left/rights? The S-FIT TWR 1050 towers should be a nice upgrade to my front towers. I hope they sound good with my vinyl. The BD 300 should be a great center speaker. Too bad there wasn’t a good deal on the BD towers. I don’t know if the PS Sub 225 will be a significant sub upgrade but at least it shouldn’t be a step back. I would like to do a two sub system but I don’t have a good place for the second one. Now I’m just wondering if I should have got an extra pair of the S-FIT LCR 250 to do a 9.1 setup.