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Wow 1K for a refurb LED projector and only a 90 day warranty?


I’ll like to have more info about Vivitek D963HD
Does any here know where I can get more info, or any one that own one?

Thanks for your help…

Interesting - the Vivitek D963HD is (or rather - was, looks to be discontinued) sold to a “global market” and yet I cannot seem to find one single product review.

very little reviews on the majority of these. not worth the couple hundred dollar savings on the ones i was interested in.

The ZX/ZW210ST use cutting edge hybrid illumination technology. These laser/LED projectors bring together solid state illumination technologies that make them light, bright and easy to use and maintain. These are “lamp-free” projectors help deliver your media effectively while reducing their carbon footprint. There is never a bulb to change and saves power compared to traditional lamp projectors with similar lumens output. Additionally, with a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 the image is extremely crisp. See here for more info: http://www.projectorcentral.com/parts_compare.cfm?pid_1=6913&pid_2=6914

All Optoma Refurbished models are sent through our rigorous quality control tests. Warranty is 90 days Parts & Labor. Additional warranty is available via Woot!

I might buy a projector if there were good videos demonstrating them. How do people justify buying projectors without good videos demonstrating them? How do companies not make good demonstration videos? “Good” includes measuring the ambient light so we know how bright they are.

Based on my experience with Optoma, I’d feel negligent without sharing my story. YMMV, and I hope it does.

My first Optoma projector was a cheap gaming LCD-based one. After about 6 months, it would only display a white screen if it lit up at all.

My last Optoma projector was a GT360 (3D Gametime Projector), quite a step up from my previous one. It worked great for about 5 months, when it started getting white spots. I contacted Optoma for support and was informed that it would cost over $450 to repair. Since I only paid $330 for it from woot, that wasn’t going to happen.

Here are some things I learned of when calling for service:

  • I expected to be a couple months outside of warranty since woot says it has a 90-day one. Optoma support asked for the serial number and insisted that the device was years outside of warranty based on the date code.

  • If you buy a DLP-based projector, Optoma’s don’t have a good track record. Go google “optoma dlp white spots” and you’ll see what I mean. The chip that fails costs about $250 without labor, according to Optoma support.

In my opinion, just save yourself the hassle and buy one of the 42" or larger HDTVs whenever Woot has them available.

Hello, I do apologize for any inconvenience. We at Optoma take pride in our products, and we do care about our customers. My direct contact information is listed below. Please call me or forward an email. I am sure we can find a reasonable solution.

Robert Sarauw
Sr. Customer Service Manager
PH: 510.897.8561
Email: RobertS@Optoma.com

That’s pretty solid. Most mfrs wouldn’t give two cents about their refurb business.

So, I got my Samsung 3D Blu-Ray player today, and I have to say I was quite impressed with the way it looked; not a scratch on it and it was so easy to set up!

From connecting it to the internet to downloading the updates was completely painless and I have to say I really like the programming that was done behind it all. It’s a beautiful interface and I could not be happier!!!

Except for the part where it doesn’t play disks this is a fantastic product!

After spending a half hour with Samsung’s support they determined that the unit needed to be repaired and because the serial number had indicated that the (original) warrantee expired last year in their database, they told me that I would have to pay for it.

Well that’s not going to happen.

So I did shoot the folks at Woot an email and hopefully they can get me another one (you know; one that works)

As for the folks from Samsung; if they are monitoring the Woot forums, perhaps you should update your database for serial numbers that have been refurbished so that the refurb warrantee can actually be honored… Just sayin’…

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your purchase.

If you don’t get a response from WMS you could also try Samsung Customer Support.

If you’re unable to find a resolve, let us know and we’ll be able to help you out! :slight_smile:

Howdy rogetray,

I guess you read over the part where I talked about spending a half-hour with the folks at Samsung (Customer) Support and have already shot an email to your super awesome support team. That’s understandable, especially since I like to write a lot of extra stuff when it come down to an issue. I find it helps lighten the mood in an otherwise sore subject matter…

You should see the note I put in the box with the Blu-Ray player. It’s a very tongue-in-cheek diagnostic from the point of view of the Blu-Ray player indicating the steps the owner (me) went through to troubleshoot the issues all the while complimenting the good parts…

Ha. My apologies. I misread that portion.

Excellent job selling the awesome non-disc related working parts! hahah

Okay, well lemme rephrase:

“Should you encounter any further issues (beyond your 30 minute Samsung Support adventure), please let us know here in the forum, and we’ll do our best to help ping someone to find a resolution for you.”

Better? :wink: