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Can someone point me in the direction of the manufacturer’s web page for the Q P (language filter won’t let me put them together without a space) SYS 12200? I can’t seem to find reviews on this anywhere - nor am I able to compare it with Pinnacle’s other soundbars.


Here’s Panasonic’s page for the SC-HTB65 2.1-Channel Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer

Specs and reviews can be found there!

I find it bizarre that the “Sony LBT-GPX55 1600W Mini Music System with Bluetooth and NFC” includes the word Mini in the title. When the shipping carton stands at 11+ cubic feet and weighs more than 70 pounds, it would appear that there is actually nothing Mini about it.

Right now, for $10 more, you can snag that LG nb3530a brand new on ebay. Or wait for it to go on sale for 130-150 like it has been doing recently. Woots refurb prices are garbage.

Hi, this is a customized bundled 2.1 system for WOOT. It is comprised of our best SOUNDBAR T1 2000 + an exceptional compact powered subwoofer, Subcompact 8. All in 1 bundle.

Thank you for the information!!

I don’t believe this is a refurb. Same one-same price at Amazon with free shipping

Sony HT-CT260HB is 161 on amazon with free shipping… come on Woot!