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for the pinnacle qpw9 - is that the RMS power rating? If not - what is the RMS? thanks!

Any recommendations for a good (cheap?) receiver for the Mirage Uni-Theater® 3-in-1 LCR Flat Panel Speaker?

I bought one last week but what I don’t know about AV systems wouldn’t even make for a long-enough message on twitter.

Would this work?

I would stick with a name brand and stay away from Pyle or Boss. The unitheater is a 3-channel speaker so I would look for a 5.1 receiver. I am using a Harman Kardon AVR 247 with mine along with Mirage nanosats for rear speakers.

I’ll second what ma1ex said. The receiver you linked is a two channel receiver. Since the Mirage Uni-Theater 3 in 1 is three separate channels, you need a receiver that is capable of driving more than two channels. You’re probably looking at spending a good $200.00 on a semi-decent receiver. You can see how home audio can stack up really quickly in the cost category.

That said, I have no first hand experience with Mirage, but they seem to get a lot of love around here and people seem to really like the sound. The all in one enclosure is nice because it has a high WAF for looking sleek and not overly “electronicy”. It loses points, however, for not having clear left to right distinction in its sound. So if you wait long enough, and your significant other doesn’t mind a couple of speakers being out, you might find a good deal on some satellite speakers and a center channel. Dedicated speakers will add more depth to your soundstage, as well as widen it. Either way is certainly fine, and if you don’t know enough to care, the all-in-one is a great choice.

AudioSource S3D650 Bluetooth Connectivity = Not Good

I tried connecting two different devices to the AudioSource S3D650 soundbar, and it does not maintain a connection. It interrupts when the device is moved. I was not more than 10’ away from the unit, and kept having the issue.

Has anyone had similar issues with this item? Is there a fix?

Another BT device interfering?
Don’t forget that you have a 2yr warranty with AudioSource so be sure to contact them for help.

Trying to decide between the pinnacle premier with the sub or the mirage uni-theater.

I have a very simple setup and I am not a ‘sound connoisseur’.

Any suggestions for a mostly starter-system to be used in a small finished basement den?

The Pinnacle will be your better choice unless you already have a 5.1 channel receiver that you can throw at the Mirage. Since the Pinnacle has its own individual amplifier, all you have to do is plug it in. For what it is worth, both brands get a lot of love around here, so I don’t think you can go wrong with either. For simplicity, and plug and play compatibility, the Pinnacle is probably your better bet, though.

Hi, that is PEAK and RMS is about 100

The Klipsch is a steal at this price. I got one here last month for about $400 and would pay it again, as the sound is superb. It lacks Bluetooth and has only ‘simulated’ surround mode, but if you’re mainly interested in audio quality you won’t do better with another soundbar/subwoofer system. Setup with a flat panel and the included optical cable was super easy.