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GL6 - Proficient Audio
does it have a grill ?

Pyle PDSB15A 15
did you know this is 20 bucks cheaper on amazon ?

This one? With the $70 shipping?

I’m not finding a reference to one on their home page. You might contact them to double check.

To the powers that be at Woot,

A thousand hum-doolas to you for breaking out the Mirage OMD-5’s in Rosewood!! I scooped up a pair.

Any chance for a Mirage OMD-C2 release (Rosewood, naturally) in the near future?

Pyle PBTR20 Bluetooth Transmitter:

“This receiver quickly and easily streams your favorite music. It’s just as easy to connect as it is to use”

SO…which is it? A transmitter or a receiver??

…or is is a transceiver???

GLS 6 in features say magneticly attached grill. So I assume they have the Grills


Ur Welcome

Excuse me but I have a problem.


I just found your site a week ago and most things I want to buy you dont ship here.

I am not trying to be rude but thatsand bias. We are people just like you and we need good deals more so given the costs up here and you wont send??? WHY???

Please respond thank you.



We do for some items. We don’t for heavy items (shipping costs) and items that ship directly from vendors (drop ship).

I bought the Pinnacle 12" 225w speaker last time it was up on woot (last week). In fact, it’s due to arrive today. The sub was the last piece in converting my entire system over to pinnacle speakers. So they’ve certainly got a convert in me.

I just wonder if I shouldn’t go ahead and get another pair of LCR speakers, because I’ll eventually upgrade to 7.1, right?

Anybody have any information on the Onkyo NR626 7.2? been looking to get a reciever to cut down on all the cord clutter and input restrictions. looks like this thing has anything a boy could ask for.

the Onkyo receiver is listed at this event page, the 2nd one on the left, it’ll tell you everything you need to know, or go on the net for more,I ordered it… sounds good ratings.

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle Speakers here,

We do think you should pick up the additional 2 speakers now to be ready for your 7.1 system.

SFITLCR 250 would be an excellent choice.

The Omni S10 is a great sub and the price here is the lowest that I’ve ever seen it.

I’ve had one for 9 years now and it is still going strong. The frequency response is no exaggeration either…the thing handles low end better than a lot of 12" subs.

Just want to say that I received my Rosewood Mirage OMD-28s yesterday and am breaking them in now. They are absolutely gorgeous, sound good even at low volume and I can’t wait to pump some serious Watts into them.

Glad you like them, you will like them even more after you get 150-200 hours on them. I cannot decide if I should keep the grills on or off. They look so much better with grills off but I am worried that I might damage something with the grills off.

Curious, if you ordered these during this current sale, why is there no sales stats for the OMD-28 Rosewood page? The OMD-28 black page shows sales, but not the rosewood version page. ???

Enjoy them. When Woot dropped the price Tuesday, I wanted to buy another pair but I could not justify it. No where to put a second pair, too big.

I’ve been waiting for the Pioneer SP-FS52 to go back on sale, but I’m very tempted to spend a bit more to get the Pinnacle S-Fit 1050s. What really would distinguish between the two?

I would likely be buying a new sub to handle lower frequency.

The speaker would be used for home theater 60% of the time and music 40%. I know the Pinnacle subs are praised for big movie theater bass, though I’m more concerned with music quality and clear sound than shaking the house.
If I go with the Pinnacle towers, is there a particular Pinnacle sub to look at? (Both in terms of matching those and in terms of best music clarity? )