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No, I ordered them during the woot just before this woot. And, yeah, they look awesome with the grilles off. I sorta wish Mirage had made the grilles go about 2/3 of the way down to show off the rosewood at the bottom.


Do i need a Center Channel speaker if i have a small-med room and Iam running BD-1100 towers and in-wall pinnacles for surrounds. two in rear one in each side wall and towers up front.


Yes you do. Most, if not all, dialog in 5.1 and 7.1 (Most TV and movies) encoded material comes out (or is supposed to) the center channel.

Hi Eric,

if you want a home theater experience than the center channel is critical and should be added. BD 700 is the best center channel we make and is the best mate to BD 1100. You will ear a dramatic improvement on movies and TV shows and sports.

However, if you only listen to music than the Center channel is not needed.




The S-FIT 1050 tower is rear ported. How close to the wall can they be placed?

I figure I’d use the S-FIT 350 center but wasnt sure about surrounds. Would the S-FIT 150 satelites be sufficient/match well with the towers? I’d consider the 250s as surrounds as well, but would prefer a slightly smaller speaker.

Also, is there a Pinnacle sub you’d recommend with the towers if I will spend about 40% of the time using them as a 2.1 to listen to music?


Pyle products = garbage.
My receiver lasted about -0- minutes. Nothing on it worked right, it became a smaller Pyle under my truck tires.

I am a newbie to home theater. I will have a 60 inch Sony 4k TV. I need to set the rest up from scratch for a medium size (guessing 14x16) family room but one end of the room is open to the downstairs so sound is not going to be contained. Recommendations on a package or combination here of receiver/speakers? I would like to avoid wires to the back of the room. Thanks in advance.

I’ve got a pair of BD1100s (similar in component size and configuration) about 3" from the wall and they sound great. Don’t know if this is the recommended spacing however.

I’d strongly recommend that you hold out for a baby boomer sub. Having compared it to the PS SUB 225, I found the baby boomer “tighter” and a good bit superior for listening to music. They seem to sell out quickly so I’d get on Arin’s alert list (info@pinnaclespeakers.com) if you can.

i have a s-fit twr 1050, is it worth upgrading to bd 2500. spec looks similar for the main channel.

For the central channel, i am upgrading from BD300 to BD700.

Looking forward for the advice from pinnacle

Hi, Arin with Pinnacle here.

If you are looking at SFITTWR 1050 or BD 1100 the best music subwoofer to match to these products is our BABY BOOMER> It is exceptional for music and also has considerable bass depth and volume for home theater. I suggest you pick up the towers of your choice and you will be able to get a BABY BOOMER shortly.



The difference is really night and day. And not to take anything away from SFITTWR 1050. When it comes to speakers, specs tell a smaller part of the whole story. No spec will tell you how something really sounds. If you look at speakers in the audiophile esoteric realm, the specs are very often close to other products costing much less. The differences are typically in “Listening” and quality of sound that can only be appreciated by feelings not specs. So, considering you are getting BD 700, I suggest you move SFITTWR 1050 to rear and get the BD 2500 as front. They will likely be the last speakers you will ever want to own.

I know what I am talking about.



Hi Arin,

Thanks so much for your input here.

By Wednesday of this week (10-12-2014), I will be fully 7.1 Pinnacled and I am overwhelmed with anticipation!

I’m on a very tight budget but after reading your comment about them from the mid-October sale (“SFITSAT 150 can be used for front, rear, side and center channels along with any of our subwoofers.”), I immediately went with 5 of the SFITSAT-150’s and got the SubSonix 10-200 about a week later. These are replacing parts of my aging Sony system.

My AV room is 18 X 24 with the big screen set up on the long wall. I have been using this 5.1 set up for a little more than a week now and the sound is truly remarkable. I decided that I would forever regret it if I missed upgrading at these prices so I bit the bullet and am awaiting delivery on the Onkyo 7.1 receiver, one more SFITSAT-150 and an SFITCTR-350 for the center.

I am a musician (singer and pianist) and we are huge movie fans so sound is especially important. You and Pinnacle have made a believer of me!

Bought the Pyle PHST80IP during this sale as a Christmas gift for a family member. Tried to set it up this morning, no AC adapter. No problem. Noticed it’s scuffed up. Not listed as a refurbish, but maybe? Borrowed an adapter from another device to power it up, success. no sound at all. Radio tuner, not even a hum or static. Iphone 4s not supported. No connections to use as a tv speaker, though I doubt that will work either. DOA.

Ugh, bummer. I’d suggest checking out the warranty, or getting in touch with woot CS at support@woot.com. Let us know how things go.

Woot CS said to contact the manufacturer. Very helpful.

I’m sorry for the ping-pong there with CS. After the 21-day return period (see my signature for a link), we refer you to the company that holds the warranty.

So, the manufacturer wants me to send it back to them at my cost plus return shipping so that they can repair it. So, I am being asked to pay an additional 50 bucks or so for an item that is refurbished, but advertised as new, which doesn’t support the devices it was advertised to support, so that it can be repaired, for the second time I guess, and still not do what I bought it to do. All because it was a holiday gift and it sat in wrapping paper until Christmas. In the future, please mark used/refurbished items clearly each time. This item was not marked as such and clearly was used.

This is unacceptable wooting on the part of woot.

Terry, that item was supposed to be new. If it wasn’t, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

I’ll let CS know to look for your contact.

I’ve included this bit of information in all four support tickets I’ve submitted on this item. I just keep getting the 21 day rule and contact manufacturer.