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I’d HIGHLY recommend the Baby Boomer subwoofer for those folks who are looking for a sub for a 2.1 system. While it will be fine when used in a surround system, you may find that it doesn’t give the LFE impact that a ported subwoofer will. However, when used in a system that is primarily used for music, you’ll find that the acoustic suspension design is outstanding in it’s bass reproduction. It’s fast, accurate and will perform almost like a 12" sub due to the dual driver design. You’ll lose the BOOM but not the BANG.

Are there any Pinnacle BD speakers selling here Series II other than BD700?

All the BD products on Woot are Series II.

Have you ordered that before?
I tried to compare the pictures and spec from their website, they look a little different, it can also be Woot doesn’t post the correct one.
Thanks for your input.

All the Pinnacle BD products I’ve ordered here are Series I.
The BD-700 seems to be the only SeriesII.

I have the BD-300, and BD-500

Great speakers, btw

I bought the Onkyo TX-NR626 on 11/5/2014 and can honestly say that I love it. It is a great receiver with many features that you won’t see on anything in this price range. I can use my old Pioneer turntable and even my VHS (literally hundreds of tapes) which it upscales to look quite good on my HDTV. Also I went with 7.1 Pinnacle speakers. WOW!

With 6 HDMI and 5 composite inputs, I rather doubt I could ever need/use them all but I might try just for grins.

Check out the 3 pages of comments from yesterday’s sale with the Onkyo rep onboard

The only negative I have is that I paid $50 more than the current price. Darn it Woot!

I am currently deeply dissatisfied with woot.com and especially the customer service provided.

Part of this sellout was the Pinnacle 2-way satellite speaker, the S-Fit SAT 150. I purchased two of these speakers at a price of 19.99/ea and my order was confirmed.

I checked back on the status of the speaker sale in general and noticed that the SAT 150s had sold out, with my purchase being both the first and last one.

Two days later, I receive a refund via PayPal, with zero indication of why this refund/cancellation has occurred and most importantly, why woot was offering for sale a product that they could not follow through on providing.

I am posting here in hopes of visibility, as the automated CSR I recently received is both insulting and complacent.

Any information and/or reason as to why this may have occurred would be greatly appreciated, as the 5.1 system now has lost two of its most important members.

mrme2051: I’m sorry for the problem. We sometimes use Amazon warehouse services (like any other 3rd party) and sometimes the number for available to sell is not as accurate as we’d like. It means that we sometimes oversell the product. It’s definitely not done intentionally and we hate that it happens.

I’ll pass on your feedback to CS for review.

FYI: The Onkyo TXNR 626 receiver is available at Frys.com for $299. That’s for a new item which includes Onkyo’s TWO year warranty and free shipping.
UPDATE: Frys deal expired 1/16/15

Everyone who has been waiting for the big pinnacle sub (dual 12 inch), here it is and it’s worth the wait. I have to lock my dogs up when we watch a movie or they try to dig in it. It shakes the house and complements the 2500s perfectly. Love, love, love this thing. Get it while you can, this is the first I’ve seen it since I bought it this time last year.