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Anybody know the difference between Samsung HW fm35 and the HW f355?

Anyone have any user experience with the Onkyo LS3100 2.1 system? Just took the plunge on what seems like a great sound bar alternative while not having a full 7.1 cable mess throughout my living room. Any comments/reviews would be much, much apprecaited!


It shows the the high dollar ones support Roku. The cheapest one has HDMI in and out so why wouldn’t your Roku just use that HDMI connector?

I just hooked mine up today. I purchased them from woot a couple weeks ago. Watched a movie tonight and the sound was awesome! I am excited!!

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That is exactly the way I’m hoping to feel, excited! Was nervous b/c of the refurbsihed, any heard issues or unhappiness with the system after the movie? So pumped to get mine I did two day delivery, hoping it packs a punch and turns the living room into a psuedo movie theatre…all for $199!

I had it on all night and it was great. It came packaged like it was brand new, I don’t think the refurbished should make you nervous at all. Did not have to sync my other remotes to it, they all turn the volume down when you use it. Also tried the bluetooth sync with my iphone and everything sounded great as well. The great part for me was watching Big Bang Theory the system really picks up background music and the subwoofer adds the bass that you typically do not even hear. I used the optical cord that came with the system, and the speaker cords are actually nice quality. Who needs a large stereo system with this it fills the room great.

I bought the Pinnacle Speakers QP 9 Wood 9-Element Speaker Bar to replace my klipsch hd500 center and sides a couple of weeks ago.

My initial experience with the QP9 was terrible - the sound felt muted and out of place, but I kept pandora on over the weekend at moderate volume to “break in” the speakers and there was an AMAZING improvement after. Now some people might think this is audio voodoo, but I definitely heard a change.

I currently love the QP9 - if you are going to wallmount it like I did, I would skip the flimsy drywall anchors and upgrade to EZ Dry Wall Anchors. The space is a little bit tight between the wires and the wall, but it fits.

Darn. there’s no Baby Boomer this time. I was hoping to double up and get another one.

Great to hear, I really appreciate the feedback. I’ll have to hear when it arrives if it’s loud enough for me, but hearing the subtle things you never would with just the tv is worth it for me. Bluetooth is important too so glad that worked with no issues. I’m hoping this things pounds as loud as the Bose I was checking out at Best Buy, all reviews indicate it does if not more. Thanks again and good luck with the new toy.

Thank you. The Baby Boomer is very popular. It will be back. So, would you like us to put you on our wait list and we will send you a heads up next time Woot has that item?

I’ve had mine for about 3 weeks now. It still surprises me that this thing sounds so good. Movies, music, games all sound great. It’s a very versatile system. Those lil speakers pack a punch and sound so clear with no distortion. It’s really exceeded my expectations. I ended up using different speaker wire. Not that the wire that comes with it is bad. I just needed shorter wire for a cleaner look in my set up. And mine came basically brand new. Not a scratch or dent on anything. If I didn’t know any better I’d think it was NIB. Hope you enjoy it.

Is the JBL 5.1 surround sound system new or refurbished? If refurbished, who refurbished it?

Hi Arin,

Can the BD 300 be used as an LCR speaker for my front stage?

I have the BD 500’ and they are great. Since the BD 650’s have never been on Woot, I’m looking for something between the BD 500 and BD 2500 for my front channels.

Thank you!

It’s new, according to the product page.

I decided not to buy the Vizio soundbar 3/27 on tech.woot, because the soundbar would have replaced a good receiver and a crummy set of bookshelf speakers set up for music in my living room, and I decided why not just buy a 5.1 set later on instead.

I was about to pull the trigger on the JBL set, but the reviews are pretty bad, with the common thread being that the subwoofer seems to randomly die (http://smile.amazon.com/JBL-Channel-SCS145-5-Surround-Speaker/product-reviews/B000VZP040/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1).

I think I’m going to wait for something else to come along.

Man, I am glad the Peachtree Audio sold out before I saw it. My wife would not have liked me buying one of those!

Hi, yes they can as long as you have a subwoofer. So, you are thinking of 3 BD 300 in front, 1 pair BD 500 rear and a sub? If so, that is very good, completely terrific!



Yeah that is exactly what I’m thinking. Thank you!

I just started using the Pinnacle 8210. So far the sound has been amazing. I have it set up in my room and for gaming and watching movies this sound bar combo is well worth it. I have the wireless sub placed under our bed and it gives us a nice shake when watching Game of Thrones or playing Titanfall on the Xbox.

My only concern is when playing music off my Apple TV, the sub cuts in and out. It cuts on and out when watching movies as well, but more so when using the Apple TV. Any suggestions?