Home Theater Upgrades

I bought the Sony sound bar a while back and am extremely pleased with it. Recommend it!

I grabbed the Boston TeeVee10 soundbar less than a month ago. Very pleased with it as a starter sound bar; my remote does not work the sound bar properly, but getting a universal remote can solve the issue.

DirecTV users, watch out. Your remote may not be compatible to operate it properly

The Panasonic Blu-ray player I also found to be a good starter Blu-ray player. For someone who is used to a faster speed of operation, or something “easier” to use, this player might not be for you. (Nothing against the player itself, but panasonic is known for making their devices more complex than most.)

Just make sure you grab the HDMI cable that’s for sale here too, the player doesn’t include the cable itself and a 3 foot cable cost me 30$.

Update your firmware as soon as you get this, I needed to use a USB drive but the player did everything else once I’d plugged it in. Mostly hands-free.


There are similar items on that sale, so this thread might help shed some light on a few things.

“Home Theater Upgrades” only if you currently have nothing but a TV. If you already have home theater equipment then I can’t imagine any of this would be an upgrade to what you have.


The reviews for the BD player are kinda scary. I know there’s a new firmware out just last month, but it’s hard to justify gambling $45 when black friday is so close.

These soundbars make me laugh. If the manufacturers would stop misrepresenting them, they would be OK. But claiming 160 watts RMS when it has a 75 watt laptop computer power supply? The math doesn’t work on that one. A 4 inch “subwoofer”? Really? Show me the frequency response chart for your 4 inch “subwoofer”. So the manufacturer makes all these ridiculous statements about their $99 product and people buy it thinking they are getting a home theater. Then all the angst ensues when they hook it up and it doesn’t fill the room with theater like sound. If you think of a soundbar as the speakers that should have come with the TV but didn’t, you’ll have a much more realistic idea of what you are buying.

Has BA done anything to fix the issue with the TVee 10’s input problems,or the issue of locking up or powering on by themselves ?

I haven’t had this issue myself. So if they haven’t fixed it, then I’ve been lucky. We’ve used it daily ever since I got it. Only issue being with our remotes.

I am sending mine back, the up vol button on the remote doesn’t work and there is a terrible reverb in the bass which makes the bar unusable. I tried everything including stuffing tissue in the bass ports but no help. Too bad as the design, ease of use etc are good. but ultimately one buys a soundbar for the sound…
Mine also had the power on/input issue.

I bought the 2.1 Channel TV Mount and have to say it was the perfect solution for our relatively small living room setup. I wanted more than just the TV speakers but SWMBO plus the reality of little available space meant that this solution, killing two birds with one stone, worked out marvelously. The sound is fine for our living room (roughly 15’x20’). Definitely need a second pair of hands for mounting it. My only gripe is that there is about a 5 second delay between turning on the tv and the speakers turning on via “auto detect” of the audio signal. A small gripe, one that I’m used to with it. =