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Hello Woot Community. I am Arin with Pinnacle Speakers, Team Leader consumer sales division here to assist in answering any and all questions regarding our terrific products. Many of you have seen previous events where I monitor them to field any questions I can to assist in making your decisions. Pinnacle Speakers is celebrating our 38th year as the 2nd oldest independently owned and operated USA Speaker company. We are still family owned and operated by the same 3 brothers who started Pinnacle back in 1976. We are famous in the industry for superior performing products across all price ranges. All Pinnacle engineers have at least 1 US patent, are musicians so they know how music and movies should sound. We are fanatics over quality, performance and offer old fashioned customer service. We strive for 100% satisfaction. That said, I have been here for 9 years. If you have a highly technical question I think I can handle it, but if not, I have access to a company engineer during this event. No question is considered “DUMB”. Many people are experts in other things besides speakers, that’s what we are here for. Enjoy these terrific and exclusive WOOT values.

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I grabbed the Sony last time it showed up and am happy with it. Bear in mind, I have a small living room and I don’t need a subwoofer that rattles the windows. Still, the sound quality is decent.


FYI the sharp soundbar is really tinny. Despite the subwoofer, there is just no mid range at all. Might be good for the news or an episode of 60 minutes. Not good for anything with music or sound effects as the magic is immediately lost in the missing frequencies.


Pete is one of our senior engineers. Sfittwr 1050 @ $300/pair is hands down vastly superior to any small bookshelf including our own BD 500. We do suggest the SUPERSONIC mated to the BD products you have or SFITTWR1050 as an outstanding step up in bass depth and bass volume. If you are so inclined for a superior subwoofer, do consider taking advantage of this opportunity on SUPERSONIC.

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Hi Arlen.
I own a Paradigm PDR-10 which I’m happy with, but, I would like a little more oomph for my family room/kitchen open space which is approximately 600 square feet or so with 8 foot ceilings. I used to have Paradigm satellite front speakers, but have upgraded to towers for the fronts. My question is: would this 600 watt sub woofer make a substantial improvement to the bass? i.e - is this a worthwhile upgrade? Wish I could demo it first, but I don’t have that option.

What is the difference between this Sony blue-ray with ‘NB’ on the model name and the same model without NB on Amazon for $10 less ($5 less and free shipping)?

Hi Arin, I will be purchasing a sound bar in the next few days and have been looking at the sony htct 260h. How does the pinnacle 2.1 sound bar compare?

Hi. The Supersonic subwofer uses 2 12" woofers configured in a push-pull or technically called Isobarik configuration. This design provides explosive bass response and is designed to handle larger areas with a high volume and deep bass. So, yes absolutely, the SUPERSONIC would drmatically and noticeably improve the system.

Hi Arin,

I live in a one bedroom apartment with 14 ft ceilings and have a 47" flat screen Samsung tv that I’m looking to compliment with a nice sound system.

If I just want a speaker bar and subwoofer would you recommend the combo you guys have for sale on woot? You have a separate sound bar and subwoofer sold separately. Could you tell me if the combination posted would be a good fit, or if I should look at buying the separate items shown?


Hi Doug and thank you for the question. The FRONTROWSYS8210 SOUNDBAR + Wireless powered sub in this event are designed to mate to each other. That is, they must work in tandem. They will produce a full and extensively rich and detailed sound for music and or movies. As long as the listening area is within 15’ or so of the source then the 14’ ceiling will not be an issue. That is you best choice for you IF you want a simple hook-up direct to the TV. This approach is designed to work without a receiver. It takes only a few minutes for set up and does not need traditional speaker wires. One Cable (we supply) direct to the TV is all you need to do for the SOUNDBAR. The wireless sub pairs to the Soundbar easily.

NOW< if you want a full home theater system approach using your audio 5.1 or 7.1 receiver, than in that case you would choose @QP9W + BABY BOOMEr and each item will hook up to the receiver. Overall, the QP9W + BABY Boomer is a better performing system, but it is designed for use with a receiver.

SFITSYS8210 is quite substantial in it’s own right and hook up is a snap. So, I hope I have clarified for you. If the intent is SOUNDBAR + SUB and not a full scale Home Theater system, our recommendation is FRONTROWSYS8210.

NOTE: You cannot hook up a subwoofer to the SOUNDBAR FRONTROW6200. It is a stand alone SOUNDBAR.



Hi and thanks for the question. In doing some basic research we make the following points regarding Pinnacle FRONTROWSYS8210 vs Sony item mentioned. Our data is from listed information aout the Sony item.

NOTE: Our product is designed to stand on its own @ a market price of $799. The Woot offer here is dramatically discounted. As such we view our product to be substantially better in performance than any item intendedor MSRP in this price range. Sony item is a $249 product typically available @ $199. As such, our item is vastly more expensive under normal circumstances.

having said that, our system will provide significantly deeper and louder bass. The reason is Sony system uses 1 5.125 (130m) woofer in their Wireless subwoofer. Our unique design uses 2 (TWO) 5.25" woofers in our wireless subwoofer. Therefore, as our specs reveal, the bass in Pinnacle FRONTROWSYS8210 will be considerably deeper than the Sony item.

We have no performed listening tests with Sony or any mass market consumer electronic company items. We compare our products to those produced by dedicated speaker companies, typically American or European brands. In the industry, speaker specialty companies like Pinnacle are regarded as making the best and most prestigious speakers. As such, though the Sony you mentioned may meet your neds or be a good product, we believe our product is significantly improved, particularly in the bass department. Other factors such as who you want to do business with, a family owned and operated company, or another type of outfit may factor in.

Finally, we provide a much longer warranty @ 3 years.

Thank you.


Right, in a push/pull isobaric alignment such that only ONE Pinnacle speaker fires into the room with no tuned bass reinforcement as opposed to the Sony which has a tuned bass reflex port that increases volume and depth by combining the back wave of the driver with the front wave via the port.

Here’s what a PC Mag review says about the Sony bass which I have confirmed based on listening tests.

For music, sound quality is solid without excelling in any category. The subwoofer puts deep bass through easily, with enough output to shake a small-to-midsized room,…"


"The subwoofer and warm midrange drivers gave both explosions and sweeping orchestral scores on Avatar a nice sense of impact, and dialog sounded relatively clear (though treble could have been boosted just a tad)."

For starts, the poster should know better than to ask for a salesman’s opinion on another product. That’s like asking a dealership that sells Toyota what they think of Infinity.

Sorry, arbitrary specs are provided (and not regulated) by all vendors. They should be taken with a grain of salt by the shopper. While most manufacturers are quoting “frequency response” you are quoting “frequency range”.

LISTEN folks, let your ears be your guide and watch out. Amazon and Best Buy customer reviews can help.

Me? I prefer to do business with a company that has a reputation of not spinning, good example being your 2 subs over 1 trick and trying to pass off your 1.5" speakers as a woofer. Come on!

**Component Drivers:

(2) 1" Fabric Dome Tweeters
(6) 1.75" Fibercone Woofers**

Physically speaking when it comes to cone mass and air moved, it is impossible to have a “woofer” (one that outputs decent volume below 100Hz) with anything less than a 5" diameter cone.

Audio Solutions TVAM2.1 Flat Panel 2.1-Channel Audio HDTV Mount.

Just curious if it is possible to use this product but not mount it to the wall? Can you attach it to a TV and still use a TV stand? Very interested but I do not want to wall mount.

I’m gonna invoke the at your own risk and against manufacturer’s intended use clause.

I’d be really worried about the weight throwing the TV off balance without securing it in some way to the something.

Is the Pioneer receiver listed powerful enough to push two floor speakers + the 3 element soundbar + the 800watt Sub?

> in a push/pull isobaric alignment such that only ONE Pinnacle speaker fires into the room with no tuned bass reinforcement

Actually the Pinnacle does have a tuned port: http://www.pinnaclespeakers.com/frsys8210.html

Yes it absolutely is. Based on published specs, we consider it to be an excellent machine. Note the Powered SUbwoofer with it’s own power supply is not dependent on the receiver power for that.