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Whats the JBL Speaker driver material ? (JBL SCS145.5BK 5.1 Surround Cinema Speaker System - Black). Is it paper ?

We purchased the JBL 5.1 surround system and now have it paired with our Yamaha receiver. It performs very well and is a mighty improvement over our previous set up. If you are an audiophile, then I would skip this obviously. However, if you aren’t, and you are looking to upgrade from TV only speakers or a soundbar, then this is the upgrade for you!

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Can anyone chime on the quality and performance of Samsung HW-E450CC 40" Bluetooth AudioBar with Wireless Subwoofer. I have a 46" 3D tv in my bedroom that i would like a better sound system for. Is it worth 150 for a refurb or should i get the brand new for 179.


I would probably stay away from the Onkyo line (I’m still kicking myself for missing out on a great deal on a Pioneer VSX-1020-K, which appeared to be identical to their Elite lineup except for the $$$ savings.) I’ve had a TX-NR515 for somewhere between 1.5-2yrs and while I love the Aupeo service they’ve included, it seems to have the following issues occasionally:
•Long HDMI handshakes
•Sound drops from video source
•Video output drops from main port (Okay, this one hasn’t happened for a few months)

The first bullet doesn’t seem to have a fix other than wait, but the other two require unplugging the receiver from the wall (I usually just flip the power strip) and wait for the memory to clear, then plug back in.

Additionally, Onkyo’s remote apps for iOS (and I presume Android) feel incomplete… I love being able to control the volume and change songs when using Zone2 outside, but not being able to give a thumb’s up/down on any of the streaming services is definitely a shortcoming. Hopefully that’s something they can fix in future iterations, but may just be completely missing from their protocol…