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The sony BDV-E2100B is cheaper right now at newegg, $125.00:


Woot, you sly devil. The Pinnacle twr1050s for $149 are not msrp $750 - they are $499 (as has shown on your listings for years). That said, I hve four of them and they are worth every penny at $149 - but they’re not 80% off…in the end I don’t think it matters, but dammit Woot, no need to inflate it further.

[MOD: See Arin’s post below]

Has anyone seen Polk Audio center speakers on Woot? I want the TSX150c in black, specifically.

Yeah, woot. You hungover on your birthday? The Polk Atrium4s (Atria4?) are $99 at newegg, with free 7-day shipping.

…and on Amazon, also $99 with prime shipping???

I have the previous generation of these, and they sounded pretty great (for outdoor speakers)-- I was going to buy more, but I guess it won’t be from woot, at this price!

[MOD: Ok, fine. Fine. We’ve lowered the price. You better buy 3! :tongue:]

PYLE PT678HBA 400 Watts 5.1-Channel HDMI Home Theater System with Bluetooth Audio Playback, AM/FM Tuner

Does this require a wireless internet connection? Looking to replace my dad’s old am/fm stereo in his shop, which does not have the interweb. Speakers appear to be wireless (cant really tell), so this is probably a stupid question. If this isn’t wireless, how long are the speaker wires?


Harman Kardon AVR 1510 is also $299 at Newegg.

[MOD: Ours is $249.99]

Hi Actually,
The list is in fact $750.00/each and $1500/pair


Picked up the Klipsch SW-350 two weeks ago. Arrived last wednesday. Good sound quality for movies. If you’re looking for LFE go for it.

I’m considering a pair of the Pinnacle floorstanding TWO 1050 with another pair of the two way satellites for the rears, upgrading my 5.1 system from the old, puny Pioneer speakers. Anyone know how appropriate they are for the apartment life? I can’t be blasting the neighbors too much now…

We think they are terrific in all room situations, it is the clarity and detail and purity of sound you will enjoy. Keeping the volume within to respectful volumes of your neighbors is a different topic than sound quality. So, we feel they are terrific and put the volume to wherever is appropriate. There is an earlier post of a customer who has a very positive experience with his SFITTWR 1050.

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My experience with NEW EGG has not been good. Once I was lured by a lowball price and as it turned out, the product was a refurb and even worse, the manurfacturer said NEW EGG was not authorized and it was “BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK”. So, before you buy something that seems like a better deal on NEW EGG, better check with the manufacturer to see if they are authorized. If they are not, good luck with any problems.

And New Egg did nothing for me either.

Great to hear, what are the odds we might see an appropriate center speaker any time soon? I’d want one that can sit on top of my TV ideally. Would the S-Fit LCR 250 be an appropriate match with the 1050?

I got the Sony SA-W2500 sub on Saturday, unfortunately it was dead out of the box. I randomly makes very loud thunderous noises, even without any input signal (or input wires connected). I hope woot will refund this.

Hi Woot - since you don’t reply to my customer service request, I am going to contact my credit card and tell them to put a stop payment on this purchase. I am really disappointed that no one has bothered to reach out to me at all since I submitted my ticket. Last time I purchase from Woot. I can’t believe you are affiliated with Amazon.com!

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’ll add you to my afternoon report so they can look into it.

Thank you very much!