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I don’t think I quite get the blurb. I’m not sure a JBL home theater lead to an awesome bush in my face.

Does anyone know about the pinnacle QP sys 12200 I can’t seem to find reviews anywhere?

Does anyone know if the pinnacle soundbar with sub has a wireless sub? Amazon doesn’t carry the same model (qp sys 12200)

Doesn’t look to be wireless. I see this in the features for the subwoofer:

Includes 10’ high quality gold plated interconnect cable

“Bring professional, full spectrum studio sound home. The L820 has floor-rattling bass with a Polyplas™ woofer, an oversized Kapton® voice coil, and a HeatScape™ motor that delivers exceptional power handling. The proprietary Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal (EOS)”

The marketing team has had their hands on these things far too long. 'Just a bunchof nonsense trademarked words that don’t translate to other products.

Mmmmm them Studio 570’s. Way, way better looking than those ghastly (but sonically astounding) 190’s. Nicely done Harman.


Arin with Pinnacle Speakers to answer your question. THis item is a WOOT exclusive bundle. It consists of our top of the line SOUNDBAR model T1 2000 and our bst comapact 8" subwoofer, SUBCOMPACT 8. It is a ready to go 2.1 system that we matched for an easy decision process. All cables are included. This systems compares in performance to anything we know of that would sell at $1,000.

I hope this helps.


Hi Arin: The MB11500+ system sold out immediately. However, can any of the other Pinnacle speakers and subs still available be combined to make a comparable system at a similar price point?