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Anybody have the LG NB3510A 280W Bluetooth Soundbar with Wireless Sub?
Reviews look okay but concerned about buying refurb.

Has anyone had experience with the pinnacle speaks? Im looking to redo my T.V. room with new stuff and they seem like a good deal…would want a 5.1 setup. Its a small room about 12x12 so that should be plenty.

Last November I upgraded an aging Sony 5.1 system with the Onkyo receiver featured here and 7.1 Pinnacle speakers. I bought what I could afford; 6 of the S-Fit Sat 150 2-Way Universal Satellite LCR Speakers (sold out here), 1 S-FIT CTR 350 3-Element Center Channel Speaker and 1 Pinnacle SubSonix 10-200 10", 200W Powered Subwoofer. Although these are definitely the “cheap end” of the Pinnacle line, I’m truly amazed at the quality of sound they produce. My 16 X 24’ den is now a great home theater. In other words, I love them… and they’re so much smaller than my old Voice of the Theater pair in my living room!

does anyone have any info on the supersonic dual 12in 800W sub? experience with it? just curious if anyone’s owned/owns one.

With an additional drop in some of these prices, Pinnacle must either be going out of business or working on a new line of speakers.

I hope for the ladder because I do enjoy my BD 2500’s, 700 and 750’s very much.

Anybody have the Pioneer speaker base? Reviews are really good, except I’ve seen a number of reviews say the bluetooth cuts out. I’d like to know if anybody that has this has experienced that problem with the bluetooth cutting out and how bad of a problem is it.

I would like some Wooter opinions about the Klipsch KF-26 speakers. I have read all the Amazon and “independent” reviews but I am not satisfied yet:-)

Not that the $129 price is scary in the least :slight_smile:

With the Pioneer SP-SB03 Speaker Base TV Audio System with Bluetooth, is there a specific weight that it will support?

Do you mean how much stuff can you pile on top without breaking anything?

UPDATE: I don’t see any mention of a weight limit in the manual, but it does seem to suggest a little space on all sides is a good idea.

Was curious myself. I found this on Crutchfield…

“The Pioneer SP-SB03 Speaker Base is designed to fit under flat-panel TVs up to 55” and weighing no more than 75 lbs. The TV’s pedestal base should be no more than 28" (w) x 16" (d)"

Onkyo only $50 off for a refurb? Woot, where art thou?

Pinnacle speakers are great and there’s not a company that can match the performance for the price. I’ve got 4 s-fit 250 ( sold out here) a BD-300 center channel (which is amazing) but the best thing’s I have from pinnacle are
My subs I have one dual 6.5’ subsonic which will amaze you with how much bass comes out of it, but it pales in comparison to the dual 8’ 600 watt baby boomer which when turned up a quarter of the way shakes the whole house and rattles my Windows when I turn my t.v. up.
Behind that I have a sony 1115 watt 7.2 channel amp. So I’m going to order the pinnacle bookshelf speakers to complete the 7.2 system. You cannot go wrong with pinnacle I promise you.

The pinnacle speakers here are all discontinued because yes they have a whole new line out that are supposedly better than the black diamond series but they are alive and well as of right now.

I can’t tell you how much I love the Onkyo receiver. I bought mine elsewhere, refurbished by Onkyo as well and have had no problems so far. I bought an extended warranty as well, just in case. My main reason, besides the ample HDMI, is the phono preamp built in. I’m getting back to playing my records again and Onkyo seems to be the only manufacturer to not abandon phono in anything below the top of the line products. Much better deal here than what I paid.

I know the Mirage Omi 550’s and 150’s have been on here multiple times. Seems like this might be the last time they make an appearance and I’m still a little on the fence about them. I’ve tried to research them a bit, but there isn’t a ton of info on them. Anyone have any thoughts either way? I understand the price is great, but if I can’t hear them first, it still seems like a bit of a gamble to me. Would love to hear from anyone that actually owns them or has heard them. Thanks!

I haven’t been able to find much on them eith. But at $99 it was too low to pass up. I’ll be doing a full break down and review of them soon.

Love mine as well. My second refurb Onkyo. First one was a Tx-SR600 which I retired to my son’s room after this arrived.

Super-duper speaker/sub/audio dork here… I have a Pinnacle SubSonic Dual 6.5" in one of my other systems (it was given to me), and I can vouch for the fact that those things kick arse for real. At around $175 shipped from here, I honestly can’t think of anything that comes close, even on the used market.

Just ordered two from this sale… that’s roughly the equivalent of an 18" sub powered by 600 watts RMS, with the added benefit of being able to place each one where it gives the best in-room bass response. I’m planning on running them in stereo with the crossovers set to 150 hz for that sweet mid-bass punch. They will sit on the outside of the main speakers, towards the room’s front corners. For added smoothing, my Martin Logan Grotto 10" servo sub will be in the back of the room as well. BOOOOM. :slight_smile:

I bought the onkyo receiver (nr626) from here in late January and loved it for two weeks. Then while watching original star wars trilogy it randomly died - no idea why - on February 14. I called tech support a few times, got hung up on our dumped into voicemail a bunch, then eventually phone tagged until I finally got a solution - bring to repair center. It’s 45 minutes away but if I want to ship it to them the cost is on me to do so. I’m trying to do that today. Sigh. Wished the unit kept working. I don’t think I’ll be doing refurb/factory reconditioned anytime again soon.