Home Theater

Ok, took a chance with the Pioneer SP-SB03 speaker base. Price was right and the table that the tv I want this for is not wide enough for a 46" sound bar. I also read that the bluetooth can be spotty but hoping for the best. Cnet had a good review of it. I guess the deciding factor for is that this comes NEW and is not a refurb.

I have them, bought them here at $179 each months ago. I like them just fine. I have 4 of the Klipsch Icon bookshelf speakers as well, had them first and liked them so much, I got the KF-26’s when I saw them on Woot at 179, thought that was a great price then…129= no brainer in my opinion

I love my 2500s as well…I just wish I hadn’t spent the extra $100 for the pair! (Arin, got an extra center channel lying around?)

I have a slightly newer version the NB3530 which I got new for $150 last year. I’m happy with it at that price point. I’ve had back luck with Woot electronic refurbs and would never do it again. Sent me a Philips soundbar with a faulty input. Philips was mainly to blame though for just throwing the sub and bar into a large box with a few tiny pieces of broken Styrofoam. Still, Woot should know what they’re selling.

Hey Everyone,

Arin with Pinnacle here. I’ve been away on a vacation and just tuned in to this promo.

So, with only a few hours left, if anyone has any questions I am here to answer. reading some of the comments, it seems that the woot forum has done a better job than me extolling the extraordinary performance and value offered here.

Thanks for all the woot forum accolades,


Arin since you offered how do you think the 8" baby boomer would compare to something newer like the SVS-SB1000? Any chance you could offer a better deal on 2 bay-boomers; (but the limit is currently one)