Home Wi-Fi

First albino rainbow I’ve ever seen. :tongue:

You mean there’s no place like, right?

Reminds me of this: https://www.snorgtees.com/t-shirts/home-is-where-the-wifi-connects-automatically

Great signal anywhere in the state

You know what they say, “Happy Wifi, Happy Lifi”.
Wait, they don’t say that? OK, nevermind.

ducky, ducky. turn the radio up for that sweet sound. hold me close, never let me go. keep this feeling alive, make me lose control.

“Cartman,” you philistines.



If “Carmen” was intentional, the Woot editorial staff is now slightly less edgy than the “Life in These United States” curator at Reader’s Digest.

You’d need to incorrectly credit the song to Air Supply to have anyone under the age of 8,000 get the reference.

I anticipate the first Mary Tyler Moore or Bob Newhart references in Woot ad copy any day now.

(How you guys come up with even remotely funny write-ups when you’re faced with stuff like wi-fi air filters is truly impressive. )

The reference made me think of the South Park episode in which hapless, unlovable Cartman discovers a satellite dish in his a** and, at the most inopportune times, picks up radio broadcasts. My apologies for overlooking the far-more-dreadful truth. :smiley: