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I should be miffed that I paid more for the Cuisinart Brew Central® 14-Cup Coffeemaker when I Wooted it a back in May but, as it has provided me with lots of great coffee since then, I’m really not. It replaced a 10 yr. old, still working Krupps Bistro that I loved, when I could no longer find a replacement carafe that fit. I am very miffed at Krupps.

After 4 months, I can recommend the Cuisinart. Two things I especially like are the “Bold” feature, which lets me use less coffee for a “Regular” pot, and the fact that you can unplug it for up to 60 seconds without losing your settings. Good stuff!

Can anyone recommend any of the automatic salt/pepper grinders here? Arthritis is killing my use of my numerous manual ones.

When did the Forever Lazys get so cheap? Are these the PowerBalance edition of Forever Lazy?

they’ve been that price since at least last december.

The Knuckle Sandwich “Big Stick” 8" Chef Knife is very nice, I love mine. The handle is smaller then it looks in the picture. I thought that was going to end up being a problem though it makes for a good grip. I like it much more than my Chicago Cutlery that I have been using for the past 13 years. It holds its edge very well, I am not having to sharpen it before every use. Well worth the money.

“Pop Tarts Mini Pastries On A Stick”

Isn’t Pop Tarts a registered trademark of Kellogg?

Quick mention about the sharpening steel, this is a SHARPENING steel, not a HONING steel. So if you’re wanting to hone, get something else. However, the sharpening steel does a decent job of putting a quick edge on a cheap knife.

The cleaver is very nice as well, it has a good heft to it and is great for chopping up beef for burgers

from the amazon page it looks like kellogg blessed this. they also endorsed a personal pie maker from what I could tell.


Generally good reviews over at amazon on the pepper mill, one person complained that the coarse grind wasnt much different from the fine grind

thinking about snatching up a forever lazy but the size chart is head-scratch worthy and i think i’m on the cusp anyways. can anybody tell me if the little one will make it over my 5’10" 160lbs self comfortably.

Re: Forever Lazies

More L/XL please!! I ordered 5 of them months ago and because UPS messed up my address they never made it to me, sent back to one of your centers. I wish I had been more on the ball this time around. These things are comfy, hilarious, and multipurpose. (last winter my bf practically lived in the one I originally got for him) And it’s a wicked cheap group halloween costume! More please!

Ah, that looks totally different from what’s on the Woot page, thanks. :slight_smile:

Picked up one of the cuisinart toaster ovens a few weeks ago here, for the same price.

I really like this toaster. Preheats fast, convection works as advertised: faster cooking at lower heat.

My frozen taquitos have never been crispier!

I was very disappointed with college dorm room in a bag. I purchased one in August but didn’t open it until we were unpacking his room. I was afraid I’d never get it all back into the bag! We have not found microfiber sheets to be very good, and i was careful to look at the info on the listing, which said 200 thread count, cotton/polyester. The actual product has microfiber sheers and comforter. The comforter is fine but the sheets are useless. The listing also indicates a full mattress zippered mattress cover to prevent bed bugs. The actual cover is like a fitted sheet. It is not possible to kill bed bugs and dust mites if the entire mattress was not sealed in! The towels were pretty thin, but are not horrible. I jumped on this deal after researching similar deals, including this product, and finding them to cost $125+, but i basically bought a comforter, bathroom caddy, acceptable towels and pillow cover. It was not a terrible price for what I could actually use, but it was far from the amazing deal I thought it was. This was my first purchase from woot, and I was disappointed with the quality of the product and the misleading listing. I will have to really think before purchasing a similar item again.

The butcher block is $69 with prime at amazon. Woot, man, you’ve been slipping, same stuff nowhere near as good of deals.

Got out the Forever Lazys for the first time this season. Another one is in a wood box, helping keep four kittens warm.

Does this come with a permanent filter?

Which item are you asking about?

I think they’re asking about the Cuisinart 14 cup coffee maker. I have the same question. On Amazon it says it does. Here it just says it uses either. This could possibly be my first woot purchase.