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I got the popcorn "kettle’ flavoured when they offered it last time and received it last Friday… and all I can say is OMG… it is absolutely lovely… I even took a bag to work today, only to have it disappear in seconds… so another case is a no brainer, but this time perhaps another flavour as well…

This is a good and creative solution to the all-day-$5-shipping-vs.-shopping-cart dilemma at woot-off time. Kudos.

They have everything but the one thing I want, a rice cooker.

I wouldn’t consider offering all the items you have for sale at the same time “creative”. I mean, that’s what most online retailers have been doing all along. I don’t understand the point of a woot-off these days… If you have a bunch of items to sell, list them all and keep them up until you have no more stock.

You Can Choose several Items and Get the $5 Shipping for your Whole Order. (rather than $5 Per Each Woot Off Item Bought as was the case when the Original Woot Off item changed every few mins)
Only Drawback is that the Items Advertised Do NOT seem to Be Changing.
It would be Good if they Had More items,… Or when Some Items are SOLD out, that they Be Replaced Automatically by Other New Items :slight_smile:

I was going to buy these but saw them on another site for only $10 more so it isnt any big bargain for me. http://www.buyzillion.com/1117170739851896/wushtof-4-piece-grand-prix-ii-steak-knife-set-red
Sorry but I think I am out.

I guess if you don’t want to save $10… Not to mention whatever that sketchy site charges for shipping!

Blue Cuisinart food processor! I’ve been waiting for you to come back for under $100. Come to me.

that site just links to amazon anyways for the sale.

I dont need them that bad. Thanks. I ordered a bunch of other stuff though. Love Woot!!!

+1 for the 9-cup food processor. We got one last time Woot had them, and it was well worth the money. Great price for great quality.