HoMedics HealthStation Plus Scale



Previosly Sold On 12/11/2012 for $22.99 (Woot-Off)
Previosly Sold On 11/20/2012 for $29.99 (Woot-Off)
Previosly Sold On 10/30/2012 for $29.99
Previosly Sold On 10/7/2012 for $29.99


Bought this scale in a previous WootOff. Love the measurement options. Hate Tony Little’s voice.

The first thing you’ll want to do? Turn the scale to SILENT. From there, it’s awesome.


We found that really overweight people don’t benefit from the extras that the scale offers. It doesn’t measure body fat unless you are within a certain range.


I have the same problem. The extras are great for my hot wife, but tubby ol’ me gets an error when it tries to gauge my body fat and water weight.


What is “really overweight”? I’m thinking about getting this for my parents (I think their current scale is from 1980), but my dad is probably 210 lbs (and 6’4").


Yeah, I get errors as well for body fat and water weight.

I will say that I like it alot more than my old scale though. My old scale would take forever to calibrate and then give me a result. This one is ready in a second and yields a result in another second.


I got one last time they were offered. Just wanted a reliable scale really and didn’t care that much for the other features. I found this scale way too quirky. Many false starts followed by an error, long waits while all the other info is displayed, and a lot of Lo battery messages even though I keep putting fresh batteries in it. Not for me, I’m looking for a replacement.


Bought this scale from a previous offering and have absolutely nothing good to say about it. Tony Little’s voice makes me want to punch a baby, and its less accurate then the guy at the carnival who guesses your weight for 2 bucks.


I think it’s the scale. I’m a big guy (300+) and the extra features won’t work. Yet on an older scale with the same extras I get readings that are within this scales ranges. I just think it’s poor design. I will say it is more accurate with the weight accuracy than the old one. I check it’s accuracy once a week with the one at work (a clinic) which is calibrated yearly.


I’m in for one. I’ve been looking for a way to better measure my fitness progress than simply weight. This is a good price, so fingers crossed that it works well for me.


It is well priced already and have read some comments on people who own - more comments please - on the fence on this one.


Of all the Medics I have ever encountered, the Hos were the most fun.


Bought this last time it was offered. Well, actually, to be more accurate I am on my third one now.

The first one did nothing but say ‘Lo’ no matter what button I press or what I do. So I emailed Woot and they graciously sent me another one and didn’t even make me send the first one back. I was using the batteries included with the scale.

The second one does the exact same thing. So I emailed them again. They offered to either send me a third one or to give me a refund. I really kind of want this scale, functional, so they sent me a third one and a link to print a return shipping label to return the other two.

The third one works a tiny bit better than the other two in that I have been able to at least enter set up mode and begin to enter info for a user, but it won’t weigh me. I did hear Tony’s voice and that is definitely not a plus. It has not saved the info I have entered, I don’t think, though.

I guess I will try putting fresh batteries in all three of them and see if I can get any of them to work. I might end up sending them all back. I have been pretty disappointed to say the least, as I really wanted this scale to work and I like blue displays.


Just a quick FYI for those who don’t know… Bio-Electrical Impedence can be rather inconsistent. It works by passing a very low-level electrical signal through your body, going in on one foot. Then measures what comes out the other foot. The difference is the calculated impedence, and they use an algorithim to give you final numbers. That’s the tingling you might get when standing on it.

Sounds fine, but unless your body is in the same condition every time you measure, your numbers will be out of line and inconsistent. Everything from how wet your feet are, to your bodies hydration level, to how much food you recently ate, can impact these numbers.

If you’re looking for a way to weigh yourself, this is fine. But if you really want to know your bodyfat %, see a Doctor or clinic. Or get a set of quality BF calipers and measure using a 3 or 7 point skin fold. Not the $5 calipers you can sometimes find for free, but a good set that prevents over-squeezing, which can also change the numbers. It’s also best to have someone else use them on you, when you are relaxed.

That is all I have today, thank you for reading. Stay healthy, stay happy, but most importantly…Stay Classy!


This happened to me too. The batteries that came included were bad. I replaced them and it’s worked fine ever since.


I’m 215 and it works fine with me, although it is pretty inconsistent which I have come to the conclusion that all digital scales must be. Unless they’re some sort of medical or professional model. I consistently weigh 215 at my gym and doctor’s office but when I use this thing it fluctuates between 217 and 214. I can step off of it and then get right back on and the reading is a few pounds different. I’ve noticed this with other cheap scales I’ve owned as well. You’ll also want to flip the voice switch off on the bottom. After you’ve heard “You can doooooo ittttttt!” a few times. The enclosed batteries also didn’t work for me, I had to use my own. I can’t remember the brand they were but I had never heard of them before.