HoMedics Restore Clean Water Filtration System

I call shenanigans!


wanna be Brita Filter?

Is this a woot-off or a suck-off? because there’s more sucking than wooting, lately.

More vacuums please…

Could come in handy during the inevitable zombie apocalypse…

Last time I called shenanigans I got a busy signal. :frowning:

The Amazon description says the pitcher is small enough to fit in your refrigerator, but it isn’t clear to me whether that is acceptable since this thing is supposed to plug into an outlet? Could refrigeration cause condensation to build up?

Either way, this is really only good for smaller households due to its limited capacity. We used to keep a system in our refrigerator and it was a huge pain having to fill it up all the time. We switched to an under the counter system and it is FANTASTIC!! So much easier than these pitcher systems!