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10 bucks?

Do they only work once?



Mediocre ratings.


Well I was close, it only works for 2-4 uses. lol

But the people who got working ones seem pleased.


Well… for cheaper than the price of the toilet journal book selling on the main site… in for one.

Only one hour left, maybe I can go the final hour without spending any more money.


Plastic, no thanks.


What the heck do you expect? It’s ten bucks…


In for two - college kids can steam the nutrients right out of their nasty fresh veggies!
Or cook them quickly and in a healthy manner…


Bought two! Good thing. Used the first one ONCE and it was a goner. We’ll see how many times the second one is good for…note to self: 10 dollar appliances are 10 dollar appliances.


It has a one-year warranty. Have you contacted the manufacturer?