Homeland Security Mini Wireless Color Camera with Receiver

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Homeland Security Mini Wireless Color Camera with Receiver [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Homeland Security 830 Mini Wireless Color Camera w/Receiver

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Homeland Security Mini Wireless Color Camera with Receiver
$19.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Homeland Security 830 Mini Wireless Color Camera w/Receiver

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Jeez that was fast! Couldn’t type in my security code fast enough.


That’s just ridiculous. These things have sold out in under a minute every time they show up.

Man, one I actually wanted and it sold out before I could get one.

Wow…what the heck…did you have like 2 of these !!

Did woot have any of these or was this just an ad? They were “gone” before anyone could have bought one.

I sez to myself, I sez self…

Bought two of them a couple of weeks ago. They do NOT work. Effective range about 4 feet and just give either gray snow or nothing at all. Company’s a fraud with no valid phone or employees as far as I can see. Invest your money in a case of beer. It’s a better bet.

Repeat. These do not work AT ALL!

I’m glad they were “sold out”. thank for making me feel better.

If they come up again, ignore them. See my post. I have two in the trash can.

Thanks for the heads up, i had wanted one too.

Thanks for the heads up, I too was crying when I hit refresh and first saw these, and they were already SOLD OUT…

If you have any other 2.4Ghz stuff, like wifi or cordless phones, they will clash with this sort of setup. Many people complain its this thing (Wireless Camera) thats the issue because its something they can see, but you will notice this sort of camera will knock out your wifi if its not set up properly.

I have had to diagnose many wifi connection issues because of these things, but it also works the other way around, wifi, phones, even microwave ovens will cause the cameras to crap out.

No, All my stuff is 5 GHz. They both stopped transmitting after about an hour. The phone number takes me to a voice mail that isn’t available. The address traces to Moss Camera which Fla Sect of State lists as “Inactive”. Last filed corporate statement in 2007. They’re a fraud. That’s all there is to it. Without a manufacturer to contact, I’m just S.O.L. with these things.

Do the receivers still work? Do they have an FCC ID and if so, can you post it here? A lot of times these things are cheap Asia imports with no support, but if you know where to look See FCC ID you can dig up some useful info. I have the same issue with Swann 2.4Ghz stuff leading to an imaginary company that has no support, but at least their products tend to be reliable, although have boisterous claims on its performance.